Parent Review: KiwiCo’s Kiwi Crate Coral Reef Box

KiwiCo’s Kiwi Crate Coral Reef Box
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Keeping the child engaged is a goal for most parents and toys have their limits sometimes. We were gifted the Kiwico’s Kiwi crate for Christmas (it’s a great gift!) and had a chance to unbox it. Kiwico is known as a producer of STEAM kits that encourage creativity with hands-on creating, fixing and experimentation. 

KiwiCo’s Kiwi Crate Coral Reef Box

Parents, caregivers and loved ones can choose either a subscription to the Kiwico boxes or purchase them individually. All of them are designed by educators, makers, engineers and even rocket scientists. There are 8 kinds of boxes catered for eight age groups, from the babies to teens and even adults. 

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Discovering the Kiwi Crate’s Contents

KiwiCo’s Kiwi Crate Coral Reef Box contents

Kiwico’s Kiwi Crates are designed for 5 to 8-year-olds and parents can facilitate the learning experience by working on it together with their child. The box contained a manual or Inspiration Booklet which was very easy to understand – which means the child can work on it independently, a magazine which teaches about the topic using comics, fun facts, jokes and more suggested activities. 

KiwiCo’s Kiwi Crate Coral Reef Box Book

As our crate was on coral reefs, it was all about reefs, the different parts of reefs, types of coral and how corals feed. Since we have been on a few intertidal walks, this was a good recap of what we have seen and experienced in our walks at Sister’s Island and Changi Beach. With the information presented in comics, jokes, colourful illustrations, the information booklet was engaging enough to draw the attention of both my 6 and 9-year-olds. 

KiwiCo’s Kiwi Crate Coral Reef Box Inspiration Book

There was also a pack of materials for the assembling of a toy that reinforced the learning about coral reefs. The end-product was a “jellyfish” racer. I left my sons to assemble it or at least try to figure out the different components themselves. They did it very well, with minimal help from me. 

The Verdict about Kiwi Crates

KiwiCo’s Kiwi Crate Coral Reef Box Assemble

We loved it! Reading the magazine together reminded me of how the Magic Schoolbus conveys information that makes learning fun. Following the learning, the children could work on the project enthusiastically with all the materials given. This cuts down on time and energy from the parent to source for additional materials. 

I must commend the quality of the tools used in the kiwi crate. All materials are well-made, non-toxic which makes it safe and easy to assemble. It also teaches various techniques on colouring such as blending and explains the science behind the project. The task was to make an interactive habitat with moving jellyfish powered by a ratchet. So while building it, kids can learn science and engineering at the same time. The best thing about working on them independently is the ability to touch and feel the various parts, put them together and see the magic of making a machine. 

Apart from its educational value, the jellyfish race was fun to play with together! Siblings, neighbours, friends can race the jellyfish up and down. This doubles the fun instantly.

Kiwico Kiwi Crate – Awesome Gift that Keeps Little Hands Busy

Kiwico’s subscription STEAM boxes would make great gifts while keeping the kids thoroughly engaged. There is a current promotion with the first month free for the 6 or 12-month subscription. The cost is $22.53 per crate for the 12-month subscription. Get yours here

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