Go On Little Night Outings: Nature Night Walks in July, August & September 2021

Little Night Outings: Nature Night Walks at Three Parks
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Want an adventure in the dark? Little Day Out brings you Little Night Outings – Nature Night Walks where we explore three parks around Singapore to spot nocturnal wildlife! Suitable for curious beings of ages four and above, it’ll be an exciting little night out!

All night walks are MTI/STB-approved with safe distancing measures in place. Conducted by professional nature guide, Gloria Seow, there will be a limit of 20 persons per guide at each walk to ensure adequate guide to participant attention.

Where Are The Little Night Outings: Nature Night Walks?

We will be venturing to four natural habitats – Bukit Batok Nature Park, Pasir Ris Mangroves, Rail Corridor and Tampines Eco Green. All four spots are very different ecologically and you will be able to see different kinds of wildlife – that’s if you observe and listen out for them!

Bukit Batok Nature Park

Little Night Outing: Nature Night Walks at Bukit Batok Nature Park

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Bukit Batok Nature Park is a great place to spot nocturnal wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled to catch Colugos and Flying Squirrels actively feeding, gliding from tree to tree. Bukit Batok Nature Park also has a natural stream full of life. See if you can spot the Common Walking Catfish, freshwater crabs, swamp eels and other species of amphibians and fish. Spiders will also be busy at night spinning their intricate webs. You might even spot the Singapore Tarantula waiting for its prey!

Under UV light, you get to see the various species of scorpions glowing, a cool blue while plant, plus fungi, lichen and insects fluoresce gorgeous shades of red, purple, yellow and blue!

Pasir Ris Mangroves

Little Night Outing: Nature Night Walks at Pasir Ris Mangroves

While many creatures are asleep, many others are awake and ready to hunt. Explore the Eastern Mangroves at Pasir Ris and spot Dog-faced Water Snakes hunting for fish. During high tide, Longfin Snake-eels and Horseshoe Crabs may enter the heart of the mangrove forest, where Tree-Climbing Crabs, Giant Mudskippers and huge Telescopium Snails call it home.

See some lights in the distance? That may be the Mangrove Fireflies with their bioluminescent twinkle that brings that magical touch. Perhaps if visitors are lucky, they might encounter other snake species like the Mangrove Pit Viper, Oriental Whip Snake, Cantor’s Water Snake and Gerard’s Water Snake from a safe distance!

Other possible sightings include Large-tailed Nightjars hawking for insects, Buffy Fish Owl, Spotted Wood Owl and various species for bats and frogs.

Rail Corridor

Little Night Outing: Nature Night Walks at Rail Corridor

Many of you may have visited Rail Corridor in the day, how about at night? See Rail Corridor in a new light as it comes alive with nocturnal wildlife. The Common Palm Civet may be near, especially with many Yellow Stem Fig trees providing a source of food.

The natural stream hosts the Malayan Giant Frog, Common Walking Catfish, Malayan Box Terrapin, Ghost Shrimp, Freshwater Crabs and various fish and frog species. Colugos also frequent the Rail Corridor. Watch them glide spectacularly across!

See plant and fungi pigments fluorescing various shades of colour. Marvel at Cave Centipedes, snakes, owls, nightjars, freshly-woven spider webs and different bat species.

Tampines Eco Green (Newly-Added Night Walk!)

Tampines Eco Green Night Walk

Tampines Eco Green is full of life after dark. If you are a fan of reptiles, look out for the majestic Reticulated Python, the pretty Striped Kukri and the iridescent Sunbeam snake. Don’t worry, you will be a distance away from these sneaky, slimy creatures.

The park is also home to frogs such as the Four-lined Tree Frog, Banded Bullfrog, Field Frog, Crab-eating Frog, Chorus Frogs and Asian Toad.

Watch out for Large-tailed Nightjars as they hawk for aerial insects. There will be a good chance of seeing House Shrews and various bat species. Spot plants, fungi, lichens, various insects and spiders as they fluorese in magic hues!

Take a little night out at this after-hours Night Walk in the dark with a special glow-in-the-dark UV light!

Can’t decide which little night outing to go on? Sign up for all four here!

When Are The Little Night Outings: Nature Night Walks?

Time: 7.20 pm to 9.30 pm for ALL WALKS

Bukit Batok Nature Park

  1. 23 July, Friday
  2. 29 July, Thursday
  3. 7 August, Saturday
  4. 13 August, Friday
  5. 3 September, Saturday

Pasir Ris Mangroves

  1. 16 July, Friday
  2. 19 July, Monday (Hari Raya Haji Public Holiday next day)
  3. 8 August, Sunday
  4. 14 August, Saturday
  5. 20 August, Friday
  6. 11 September, Saturday

Rail Corridor

  1. 21 July, Wednesday
  2. 9 August, Monday
  3. 21 August, Saturday
  4. 27 August, Friday
  5. 4 September, Saturday

Tampines Eco Green (NEW!)

  1. 28 August, Saturday
  2. 8 September, Wednesday

Fee: $40 per person (adult/child)
Night walks are suitable for children aged four and above.
There will be a charge per head, regardless of age.

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Who is the Nature Guide?

Professional nature guide Gloria Seow, Vice Chairperson of Nature Society (Singapore)’s Education Committee will be helming the event together with other professional nature guides. She has been organising the popular Fun with Nature Family series since 2008.

Safe Management Measures

There will be no more than 20 persons per guide, split into subgroups, with 1 metre distance between subgroups at all times in line with COVID-19 Safe Management Measures.

The night walks are held in uncrowded and open areas with plenty of fresh air, and all participants are to stay masked up to minimise risk.

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