Kranji Countryside: Exploring Sustainability In Singapore’s Outskirts

Kranji Countryside
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My childhood memories are filled to the brim with visits to Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park; back then, petting zoos didn’t exist. And the only farm I remember visiting was the Crocodile Farm. 

But how Singapore’s farming and agricultural landscape has changed since! There are now so many learning journeys to choose from, and visiting Kranji Countryside is as straightforward as hopping onto the Kranji Countryside Express shuttle service.

I thought it would be fun to experience Kranji Countryside with my daughter and see how much we’d be able to squeeze in. Here’s how our day went! 

Kranji Countryside Express

Kranji Countryside

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We woke up bright and early on a Saturday morning and made our way to Kranji MRT station.

The main bus stop at Kranji MRT station gets super busy as there are people waiting in line for regular bus services, and those queuing for the bus to JB Sentral.  

Look closely and you’ll spot Berth 3, right smack in the middle of the bus stop. Hang around there to get on the Kranji Countryside Express.

Tickets are at $3 per adult, and $1 per child/senior citizen. No change is provided, so make sure you’ve got exact! Also, as it’s a hop-on/hop-off shuttle service, remember to retain your bus tickets.

Our first stop was Hay Dairies Goat Farm.

Hay Dairies Goat Farm 

Kranji Countryside: Hay Dairies Goat Farm

We managed to get on Kranji Countryside Express at 9.30 am which meant arriving at Hay Dairies just in the nick of time to watch the goats get milked.  

If you’d like, and if you’re super early risers, err on the side of caution and hop on the 8.30 am to get to Hay Dairies by 9 am.

Kranji Countryside: Hay Dairies Goat Farm

The goat milking goes for about 20 minutes and is an informative session; you’ll learn that goat’s milk is alkaline which explains why the human body takes to it far better than cow’s milk. You’ll also find out that actually both male and female goats have horns! 

Kranji Countryside: Hay Dairies Goat Farm

Following the goat milking session, we bought some Alfalfa Hay from Hay Dairies and made our way to the back of the farm where the goats’ barns are. It was a nice and leisurely feeding session that saw me feeding the goats and my daughter squealing a lot!

When we were done, we headed back out to the front of Hay Dairies for a snack while waiting for the Kranji Countryside Express bus to return at 11.35 am.

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Jurong Frog Farm

Kranji Countryside: Jurong Frog Farm

The second stop of our Kranji Countryside tour was Jurong Frog Farm.

Just as we had done at Hay Dairies, we went Free-and-Easy at Jurong Frog Farm, and had a go at the Frog Quest, the Farm’s latest learning journey created for families who would like to visit at their own pace.  

My daughter was infinitely more comfortable feeding the frogs than she was feeding the goats! But the squealing started when she stepped into the Mating Pond to Catch-a-Tadpole.

It really was a lot of fun; I know she enjoyed catching the tadpoles, especially since she stopped screeching! 

Kranji Countryside: Jurong Frog Farm

We spent a bit of time learning about the life cycle of a frog. She was very taken by the mini tanks of frog eggs, tadpoles, and frogs, and even asked finally if she could hold a frog. I didn’t oblige, unfortunately for her.

Kranji Countryside: Jurong Frog Farm’s Hashima

It started pouring at this time which worked out well as it gave us time to rest before the next pit-stop. It also meant I could indulge in my favourite dessert – Hashima!

We then hopped on the 1.45 pm and made our way to Bollywood Veggies. 

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Bollywood Veggies

Kranji Countryside: Bollywood Veggies

By the time we got to Bollywood Veggies at about 2 pm, my daughter was super cranky, so she fell asleep in the carrier just as the Guided Tour started. 

The Bollywood Veggies Guided Farm Tour was led by an experienced guide who shared some very interesting facts about the plants in Bollywood Veggies, including their origins and their uses.  

As we walked through the farm, we could touch, smell, and even taste some of the vegetables and fruits, herbs and spices, and medicinal plants.

Kranji Countryside: Bollywood Veggies

I’m really thankful the weather was kind of cool then as it had just rained earlier. However, I’ve been told that the best times to visit Bollywood Veggies is very early in the morning at about 8 am, or in the evening when it’s not as hot.

Since my daughter was still in deep sleep following the tour, I made myself comfortable in Bollywood Veggies’ Poison Ivy Bistro. 

I had a quick – and almost baby-free lunch – before getting back on the bus at 3.30 pm.

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Wrapping Up The Tour of Kranji Countryside

The initial plan was to pop by the Sungei Buloh Visitor Centre. However, as it had started pouring again and the next Kranji Countryside Express bus was going to be almost two hours later, I decided to give it a miss and went straight back to Kranji MRT Station. 

I knew I’d be back and made a mental note of what in Kranji Countryside I wanted to see next, namely Sungei Buloh Visitor Centre and Gallop Kranji Farm Resort.  

To find out more about Kranji Countryside and the Kranji Countryside Express, go here.

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