Imaginique – Singapore Children’s Festival

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Imaginique is an innovative childrens festival offering live theatre and music experiences for children ages 0 to 12. The festival aims to offer immersive, non-verbal performances that are designed to excite the imagination and incite curiosity in children. The festival does away with the stage, physically immersing and captivating the young audience.

Origins of Imaginique – Singapore Children’s Festival

The Festival idea was inspired by renowned childrens festivals around the world like the Edinburgh International Children’s Festival, Brisbane’s Out-of-the-box Festival and Okinawa’s Ricca Ricca Festival – that offer quality theatre experiences to very, very young audiences. They are part of a growing trend of “baby theatres” worldwide that aim to develop inner curiosity, focus, and a strong sense of identity and emotional empathy in young children.

Programmes at Imaginque

The programmes at Imaginique Singapore Children’s Festival include four events. These are LOO, Here I am – Self Portrait workshops, a visual arts workshop, the mini dance theatre piece, Toddlers Room, and Air Play, a combination of circus and street theatres performance art.

The Imaginique Singapore Children’s Festival performances take place at four different locations – Esplanade Theatre, Gateway Theatre’s The Gallery, Gateway Theatre’s Black Box and the Drama Centre Black Box.

Event Information

Imaginique – Singapore Children’s Festival

Start date: 13/12/19 0:00
End date: 22/12/19 23:59

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