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Gardeners Day Out March 2021

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Here are some of the highlights of Gardeners Day Out March 2021 edition.

Gardeners Day Out March 2021 Highlights

How to Grow Rooted Vegetables by Mr Ang Wee Foong

The Gardening with Edibles Masterclass will be held in conjunction with this month’s Gardeners’ Day Out, as part of the festivities for our Community Garden Edibles Competition (CGEC). Our plant expert, Mr Ang Wee Foong will share tips and tricks to growing rooted vegetables.

Date: 20 Mar 2021, Saturday
Time: 10 am to 11 am

Register here when it opens on 6 Mar 2021, while slots last. 

Online Demonstration

Gardeners Day Out March 2021 Activities

1. Floral Arranger Series – The Ultimate Duel (via NparksSG YouTube)

Join Pearl on a floral arrangement journey with two newbies as they learn two different floral arrangements, followed by a mini competition. No spoilers – watch to find out who won!

Watch this video on 20 Mar 2021 

2. One Ingredient, Two Ways: Chef and Home Cook (via NParksSG YouTube)

In conjunction with CGEC, home cook Lilian and professional chef Alex team up to take on a vegetable and whip up something delicious with it! Stay tuned and learn both a professional and home recipe based on a simple ingredient!

Watch this video on 20 Mar 2021 

3. Home Garden Invasion (via NParksSG YouTube)

Watch and visit a beautiful home decorated with nothing but…plants! Do humans and plants coexist well in a home? Stay tuned as we quiz the homeowner about maintaining his house plants as well as his corridor garden!

Watch this video on 20 Mar 2021 

Gardeners Day Out March 2021 Kids’ Activities

Check out these edibles-related kids’ activities that are simple and fun to conduct at home!

1. DIY Plant Stamps (via NParksSG YouTube)

Instead of throwing excess or tough vegetables away, convert food waste into art by converting them into stamps for your kids! Watch the video to learn more.

Watch this video on 20 Mar 2021 

2. Popsicle Making (via NParksSG YouTube)

Learn how to make yummy popsicles good for a hot day, using common edibles from the home garden, and engage in a meaningful food preparation experience with your kids!

Watch this video on 20 Mar 2021


Rake Spade will be conducting a Plant Serial Killer workshop – to teach about the basics on how to care for your plants. Due to safe management measures, this workshop can cater to a limited capacity of 16 participants onsite. Fee applies and registration for workshop will be confirmed upon payment verification. Sign up for the workshop here, while slots last.

Date: 20 Mar 2021
Time: 9 am to 11 am

Please note that this workshop is organised by Rake Spade and is for pre-registered participants only; no walk-ins allowed. Successful registrants will be notified on the workshop details via WhatsApp.