Fast Food In Singapore You Can Order If You Need A Fix During Circuit Breaker

Fast Food in Singapore
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On Sunday morning, 19 April, Singaporeans woke up to some unexpected news: McDonald’s was closing all their outlets, including drive-thrus and delivery services till 4 May 2020. Although some may be bemoaning the lack of McSpicy burgers and Happy Meals, we’re thankful that it was done as an act of precaution and that the fast-food giant has given assurances that they take care and pay their staff. With that said, we all know that there’s no lack of choice of fast food in Singapore.

Here’s a list of other chains that you can get your fast food fix from.

Fast Food in Singapore


Another classic fast-food chain in Singapore. KFC is having a whole lot of deals that you can benefit from such as their new chipotle Meltz box and chipotle metlz buddy meal which are currently at a promotional price, as well as its 10 piece chicken bucket at $28.20, and Super Tuesday deals. Website.

Pizza Hut

62-35-35-35, Anyone else have the old Pizza Hut delivery jingle memorised? For late-night hunger pangs, Pizza Hut is now extending its delivery time to 2 am. Deals that it currently offers include 50% off two regular pizzas or a discount of their sharing box. Website.

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Shake Shack

Did you know Shake Shack is on the Food Panda app too? Our personal favourite is the Shack Stack, which is a cheeseburger, and the ‘Shroom burger with its lettuce, tomato and shack sauce. You can also add their shakes and flat-top dogs to the order.

Burger King

Find the nearest Burger King joint to you shouldn’t be too hard a task. Available via platforms such as Deliveroo, BK has Family bundles as well as a Build Your Own Meal option which allows you to choose any two burgers, sides and drinks.


JollibeeFried Chicken and Pasta. Yup, we’re talking about Jollibee which available on a variety of food delivery platforms. Fill hungry tummies with their Chickenjoy bucket, Jolly spaghetti, and Yum with TLC burgers!

MOS Burger

Get MOS Burger’s classic rice burgers which come in a variety of options such as beef, fish and chicken. They also offer sides such as butterfly prawns and a whole chicken cutlet. Order it on the Food Panda app.

Five Guys

Fast Food in Singapore - Five GuysHead onto the Grab Food app and get your Five Guys meal! When we first went to Five Guys we had the full works and ordered a cheeseburger – all the way, the peanut oil fried fries and milkshake with peanut butter, salted caramel and bacon. The same options are available on the Grab Food app and you can take your time to pick and choose any toppings that you wish. Website.

Texas Chicken

It’s hard for us to say no to fried chicken, so here’s another option you can consider! Also available for ordering on food delivery platforms like Food Panda, you can try its 555 Tom Yum Oat Chicken flavour on its limited-time menu. Each meal comes with mashed potatoes, delicious buttery sweet honey butter biscuits and a Cha-ha-ha, which is Thai milk tea. Lol.

Long John Silver

Currently having their “Taste Of Korea” special menu, you can try its chicken and 3 piece shrimp bap which comes with rice, kimchi, nori, onsen egg with gochujang and white sesame. You can also choose dory instead of chicken. Long John Silver also has a grill plate which has Cajun chicken, dory and salmon options.

Carl’s Junior

100% Chargrilled Beef Burgers are on the menu at Carl’s Junior. If you order via the Food Panda app, there are a few limited time offers that you can get such as the El Diablo Bundle which comes with an El Diablo Angus Beef, one Crispy Chicken Sandwich, natural-cut Fries and two bottled drinks.


Don’t miss the April Family bundle which is now on a 50% discount if ordered on delivery platforms like Food Panda. Each meal comes with 5 pieces of Chicken, 2 Biscuits with Strawberry Jam, 2 Sides and 2 Drinks.

Other Food Ideas

As with all things, fast food in Singapore is best consumed in moderation. Although these foods do provide us with convenience and comfort, there are still healthier alternatives such Tingkat meals and getting some comfort through bonding time by making a simple home-cooked meal for your family or with the kids. Stay safe!

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