Five Guys Singapore At Plaza Singapura: Burgers, Fries & Milkshakes To Satisfy Your Cravings

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Five Guys Singapore has opened at Plaza Singapura. This is the popular US burger chain’s first outlet in Singapore and it is serving up burgers, hot dogs, fries and milkshakes which will satisfy your cravings for a hearty meal.

Found at the front of Plaza Singapura on the ground floor, Five Guys Singapore is brought in by Zouk Group.

Five Guys Singapore Menu

The Five Guys Singapore menu is simple and complicated at the same time.

Five Guys Singapore MenuYou have a choice of a hamburger ($13), cheeseburger ($15), baconburger ($15) or a bacon-cheeseburger ($17) as a base. These are also available in a “Little” size which are priced at $2 off the the regular sized items.

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These can be dressed with various toppings and condiments based on your preference.

The choices are staggering. There is Mayo, Lettuce, Pickles, Tomatoes, Grilled Onions, Grilled Mushrooms, Ketchup, Mustard, Relish, Onions, Jalapeño Peppers, Green Peppers, A1 Sauce, Bar-B-Que Sauce and Hot Sauce.

All toppings are free.

Ordering at Five Guys SingaporeIf you can’t be bothered to customise it, you can simply ask for “All the Way” which slaps on the toppings above from Mayo to Mustard.

There are also hot dogs available as a standard hot dog ($10), cheese dog ($12), bacon dog ($12) and bacon-cheese dog ($14).

Also on the Five Guys Singapore menu are sandwiches like a veggie sandwich ($8), grilled cheese ($8) and BLT ($11), but, seriously? If you are at Five Guys Singapore, we’d suggest you get a burger instead.

Burgers at Five Guys SingaporeBurgers are made to order by the energetic staff. The kitchen gave us the impression of a concert crew with the staff calling out to each other as they coordinated to get the orders done in rock star fashion.

Five Guys milkshakes ($10), along with other drinks and beer, are available to wash down the burgers.

To order, make your way to the payment counter and then head over to the pick-up counter. There are separate pick-up counters for food and milkshakes.

Five Guys Singapore tray of free peanutsWhile waiting, you can scoop up a tray of free peanuts to munch on. These are soaked in brine and are salty straight out of the shell.

Pick Up CounterIn this day and age with automated ordering kiosks, Five Guys does it the traditional way by giving you a number after you have ordered and having someone shouting out your number when the order is ready. You can expected to wait no longer than eight or so minutes to collect your order.

You get the order in a brown paper bag, whether you are dining in or taking away.

Five Guys Singapore Review

We had a Five Guys Cheeseburger – All the Way!

Five Guys Singapore ReviewWe received the greasy burger with a smashed patty, dressed with plenty of toppings and wrapped up tightly in a silver foil. Unwrapping the burger, it looked quite squished up. Don’t expect a gourmet-style burger.

Five Guys BurgerHowever, its taste makes up for what it lacks in the looks department. It will appeal to those who believe that a burger should leave you with messy fingers.

Five Guys friesComplementing the burger are the delicious Five Guys fries. These are available in either Five Guys style (salted) or Cajun style (with a bit of spice) and come in three sizes, Little ($7), Regular ($9) and Large ($11). The fries are fried in peanut oil (sorry, those with nut allergies) and they are simply wonderful.

Five Guys Singapore, Plaza SingapuraFive Guys takes such pride in its fries that it even states where the hand-cut potatoes it is serving for the day are sourced from.

We also ordered a milkshake. These can be customised with various mix-ins. Choices include chocolate, peanut butter, coffee, malted milk, cherry, salted caramel, strawberry, banana, vanilla, Oreo cookie pieces and bacon.

Five Guys MilkshakeAt the recommendation of the Five Guys Singapore staff at the counter, we ordered the Five Guys shake with peanut butter, salted caramel and bacon. It is a sweet-and-salty flavour-combination that may not appeal to all but it definitely worked for us. In fact, we really enjoyed the bacon bits – probably a little too much.

Five Guys SingaporeWe expect Five Guys Singapore at Plaza Singapura to be quite busy especially during the opening period. However, if you are looking for hearty, greasy burgers, that probably won’t stop you from joining the queue.

Five Guys Singapore at Plaza Singapura

Where: 68 Orchard Road, #01-32, Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839
Operating Hours: Mon to Sun, 11 am to 10 pm

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