Dinoland At SAFRA Yishun: 6 Things Dinosaur Fans Can Expect At The New Attraction

Dinoland At SAFRA Yishun: 6 Things Dino Fans Can Expect At The New Attraction
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Dinosaurs are now roaming SAFRA Yishun at Dinoland! In addition to the other dinosaur themed attractions in Singapore, Dinoland is an immersive experience deep into the jungles of a prehistoric world where a ranger will guide courageous visitors on a dino-hunt.

Here are six things Dinosaur fans will love about Dinoland.

6 Things for Dino Fans at Dinoland, SAFRA Yishun

1. Dress up like an explorer

6 Things for Dino Fans at Dinoland, SAFRA Yishun

Our urban jungle might not look like it’s suited for dinosaurs. But hidden on the second floor of SAFRA Yishun is a jungle teeming with dinosaurs. But first, every explorer must look the part and dons a safety helmet and a vest. Dressing up is part of the experience and it also protects the brave explorers from swinging tails and sharp fangs. *wink

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2. Learn about dinosaurs

The experience at Dinoland is a guided walk that lasts 1.5 hours. A knowledgeable ranger is on hand to guide the group and share more about the dinosaurs. We found this experience fruitful as we learnt much more about the Brontosaurus, Pterodactyl, Triceratop, Megatherium and other prehistoric creatures! Our ranger asked us plenty of questions and got us guessing the sizes, weight, diets of the dinosaurs. Correct answers might even win you a popsicle!

3. Touch the Dinosaurs

Touch the Dinosaurs

Finally, a place where you get to touch the dinosaurs! Watch the dinosaurs come to life as they move and growl. The animatronic dinosaurs are fun to interact with and simply irresistible to all the children. They reached into the mouths of the dinosaurs, touched their legs, held the eggs and posed with them excitedly.

4. Activate the mine cart

Activate the mine cart

One of the thrilling parts of the Dinoland experience is the chance to ride in a mine cart and pull it with all your might to an underground cave. Obviously, the children were so excited to move the carts and wished the ride could be way longer.

5. Cross the River

A giant crocodile spotted? Cross the river to find out! Kids will take delight in attempting to navigate a waterway. Do be careful not to fall in! A Deinosuchus is just round the corner! With its mighty jaws, it could snap you up in one instant!

6. Dig for Fossils

Dig for Fossils

After a T-rex encounter and posing with the Velociraptors, our last stop was the fossil digging site. Sandplay is always welcome by children of all ages. And of course uncovering fossils was the bonus! We were impressed by how realistic the fossils looked and felt, and our children definitely loved their time honing skills to be a palaeontologist!

Our Verdict on Dinoland at SAFRA Yishun

The strangest things do happen in Yishun, including the site of a mini Jurassic world. I learnt so much more about the world of dinosaurs thanks to the rich sharing of our ranger. As we entered Dinoland, we were whisked back to thousands of years in time. With the thick foliage and terrain (designed cleverly with rocks and wood chips), we were explorers that journeyed back in time to see the giant creatures.

While we would argue on the exact timing dinosaurs existed and whether dinosaurs were truly “ancestors” to “evolved” animals of today, it was an eye-opener to see nearly life-sized dinosaurs that moved and communicated.

We would recommend Dinoland tours for children between ages 7 to 12.

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Location: SAFRA Yishun
Tour timings: 10 am to 8 pm daily

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