Get A Taste Of Technology At The Deliveroo Food Market At Mediapolis

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Place your orders through automated machines and pick up your food with a double tap on a glass locker screen at the Deliveroo Food Market at ALICE @MEDIAPOLIS.

Deliveroo has just delivered a new, innovative F&B concept which serves a variety of cuisines from well-known brand names such as BonChon, Omakase Burger and NamNam.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Deliveroo Food MarketThe Deliveroo Food Market offers the same convenience as its food ordering app, at a cosy physical location. Place your order from one of the self-service kiosks at the Food Market and choose from seven different onsite restaurants and 11 food concepts operating at the Food Market.

Some dishes that we sampled and enjoyed included the Signature Butadon from EZO Hokkaiso Eats, dons from The Flying Squirrel and sandwiches from Delismith.

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We also thoroughly enjoyed the delicious fried chicken from BonChon!

Self-service Ordering and Collection

Self-service OrderingTo get started at the Deliveroo Food Market, step up to one of the self-serving kiosks onsite and place your order for your meal. Diners don’t have to worry about being limited to choosing dishes from one restaurant because the app allows you to add orders from all different F&B kitchens available at the Food Market.

Key in your name, make the payment and take a seat!Key in your name, make payment and take a seat!

Kitchens at Deliveroo Food MarketWhile all that is happening, the live kitchens at the back will start to prepare the food fresh for you.

Digital cubbyholes at Deliveroo Food MarketOnce the food is ready, it will be placed on one of the twelve digital cubbyholes for pick-up.

Collecting food at Deliveroo Food MarketLook out for the notifications on the digital status board and double tap the screen on the designated “food locker” to enjoy your meal.

Food at Deliveroo Food MarketIf you are at an office or home nearby and unable to travel down, you can also place your order in the URL here, on your Deliveroo App or at the Website to order from the multiple restaurants at the Deliveroo Food Market. Now everyone gets to eat what they want!

Deliveroo Food Market Location, MediapolisDeliveroo Food Market as a one-stop place offering different foods from many restaurants that are usually located far from one another. Be it for a quick office lunch break, or even new experience to try with your family and friends, Deliveroo Food Market is a concept that we’re glad to welcome.

Deliveroo Food Market is only open for dining from 11 am to 2.30 pm and 4.30 pm to 9.30 pm.

Deliveroo Food Market

Where: 29 Media Circle, #01-02/03, Singapore 138565

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