Coco and Friends – 21 Mar 2020

Coco and Friends - 21 Mar 2020
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“Coco and Friends” is a new programme by National Parks Board and HSBC Singapore aiming to promote more understanding and awareness of some of our native biodiversity found in our forests.

Through the eyes of Coco the Malayan Colugo, children will embark on a nature adventure, learning about Coco (the Malayan Colugo) and his friends, and about the plants that are useful to both Man and animals which can be found in the forest. They will complete a series of embossing stations during the nature walk as well, and see where their discovery takes them.

This programme is opened only to children between 5 to 8 years old (accompanied by a parent/guardian). They will be given a creative and colourful nature journal, crayons and a beautifully decorated sling bag to take back home after the programme is over.

Cost: $10 per child (each child will get a Nature Journal, Crayons, Sling bag)

Group Size: Maximum of 15 children (can be accompanied by 1 parent per child)

Event Information

Coco and Friends – 21 Mar 2020

Start date: 21/3/20 10:30
End date: 21/3/20 12:00

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