City Square Mall Playground: Climb And Play

City Square Mall Playground
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Climb up and away at the City Square Mall Playground, or, more correctly put, playgrounds.

City Square Mall is a family-friendly mall located in Little India. It is, therefore, no wonder that the mall has not one but three free children’s playgrounds.

Elevated City Square Mall Playground

The newest City Square Mall Playground is an orange tower playground located at City Green, the park in front of the shopping complex.

Elevated City Square Mall PlaygroundAt this new play area, kids can climb up multi-faceted blocks that serve as towers on either end to reach the top. An inclined bridge connects the two towers and provides passage for children to move from one side to another.

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Slide at the City Square Mall Elevated PlaygroundThe playground also has a striped, curved tube slide for kids to slide down.

Music-themed play panelsAround the outdoor City Square Playground are music-themed play panels for little ones.

City Green Park

The orange elevated playground is not the only attraction at the City Green park area.

Complementing the overall eco-theme of City Square Mall, City Green has various stations with boards that educate children about the need to be eco-conscious and environmentally-friendly. These include panels that introduce the trees found at City Green.

Butterfly Garden, City Square MallThis includes a butterfly garden which has been designed to attract fluttering butterflies.

Outdoor eco-playground at City Square MallThere is another outdoor playground area at City Green. Here, there is another pair of towers (albeit lower in height than the orange playground). The wooden tower playground has a green slide fitted to one end.

This City Square Mall playground also has inclusive play equipment, namely an inclusive merry go round and inclusive swings.

Seesaw at City GreenThe play area also has an old-style see-saw, complete with rubber tires as stoppers below the ends.

Toddler Playground at City Square Mall

Toddler Playground at City Square MallFor younger kids, there is a third playground area located in the basement of City Square Mall. Just a floor below City Green, this toddler play area consists of a little playhouse and some teeter-totters. Also located nearby are kiddy coin-operated rides.


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