Camp Road Nature Playgarden: Fun Log Structures, Log Maze And Bee Hotels

Camp Road Nature Playgarden: Fun Log Structures, Log Maze And Bee Hotels
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A new nature playgarden can now be found etched out parallel to Camp Road. With two bee hotels, host plants attracting butterflies, a log maze and logs of various sizes, Camp Road Nature Playgarden is a safe and quiet play space for young ones to explore.

If not for the two bright orange swings just off Tanglin Road, across from Rochalie Drive, you might miss this little haven behind the big rain trees completely.

What to See & Do at Camp Road Nature Playgarden

1. Bee Hotel

Bee Hotel

At the entrance to the nature playgarden sits a quaint little manmade house on a pole next to an old rain tree. A signage provides a helpful explanation that like a birdhouse that is for birds, this is a bee hotel for solitary bees to nest in.

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You may even spot some leafcutter bees and resin bees flying in and out between their pollinating duties at this unique hotel. But don’t worry, solitary bees are unaggressive and can be viewed up close.

At the end of Camp Road Nature Playgarden closer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you will find another bee hotel situated close to another majestic tree.

2. Log Play

Log Play

Camp Road Nature Playgarden is divided into three main sections. First, you will find connecting log structures for kids to log in some playtime!

Three trunks stacked together in the shape of a tent is befitting of the road it is right next to. Climb across this “campsite” littered with small pieces of wood shavings and let your child immerse in nature play.

Step on top of logs of varying heights and get linked up as you do some balancing beam exercises at this unconventional nature playground.

3. Log Maze

Log Maze

Next up, nicely laid bare on the ground is a maze made of logs. So, here’s one maze that adults can excel in, while kids can try dashing through to find the quickest way out. Or take it up a notch, by walking on the smoothened logs instead.

4. Log Exercise

Log Exercise

In the final section, you can do a Log Jump, a Stump Jump and Sit-ups using the “equipment” fashioned from none other than logs. Designed for teenagers and adults, this is one spot you can log in to get fit.

5. Butterflies


What rounds off this discovery of the nature play space beautifully is the accompaniment of several butterflies flitting around.

With butterflies and bees, logs and more, Camp Road Nature Playgarden is one small spot specially designed for a dose of nature and a quick refreshing break.

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