BreadTalk Has A Yayoi Kusama-Inspired Pumpkin Bun

Breadtalk Has A Yayoi Kusama-Inspired Pumpkin Bun
Image: Adapted from Breadtalk, Wikipedia
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Taking inspiration from well known contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama, fans of this creator’s bold polka dotted works will be excited to know that BreadTalk has just added a new pumpkin bun item to their menu!

BreadTalk’s Pol-Kabocha

BreadTalk's Pol-Kabocha
Image: BreadTalk

Named the “Pol-Kabocha”, this bun’s name is seemingly a wordplay with the combination of “Polka”, and “Kabocha”, which is a type of winter squash in Japanese. Kabocha is also one of Yayoi’s early paintings that she exhibited in a travelling exhibition.

BreadTalk Bun
Image: Breadtalk

Shaped like a pumpkin, this bread is made with Carrot Dough and has a Pumpkin Paste centre. The exterior is then decorated with Charcoal Powder and sprinkled with Black Sesame to resemble Yayoi’s pumpkin art pieces.

The BreadTalk pumpkin bun is on sale at $1.80 a piece.

The Love of Pumpkin

Not just a passing phase, Kusama’s love of pumpkins traces back to her childhood and has significantly shaped the many years of her practice.

Some well-known works include her iconic yellow polka-dotted pumpkin art piece in Naoshima Island as well as “Mirror Room (Pumpkin)”, a mirrored cube filled with paper-maché pumpkins which when viewed through a peep-hole is seen as an endless sprawl of pumpkins.

Yayoi Kusama Exhibition
Image: Wikipedia

If you are yearning more of Kusama’s works, you can always visit the Yayoi Kusama Museum in Tokyo website, or watch a great documentary about her. To have a taste of this novel edible creation, you can order the bun in stores or online at Breadtalk’s site.

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