Bedok Town Park: A Walk In The Park

Bedok Town Park: A Walk In The Park Next To The PIE
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Bedok Town Park is a great spot for Easties to cycle, jog, exercise or just relax. It has a large number of facilities, such as smooth cycling and jogging tracks as well as a variety of exercise equipment and even a play area!

Getting to Bedok Town Park

The park stretches out along next to the Pan Island Expressway and is connected to Bedok Reservoir Park by the Siglap Park Connector.

Bedok Town Park Playground

Bedok Town Park Playground

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Families visiting Bedok Town Park will gravitate to a small play area with the play equipment in a sandpit. The first section of the Bedok Town Park playground has swings and three seesaws. There are also logs surrounding the sandpit for tired legs to rest.

Rocket Ship at Bedok Town Park Playground

The second area follows a space theme has a little rocket structure as well as interactive play boards that allow you to look like an astronaut or space Martian. Another board allows you to pretend to steer a spaceship.

pyramid-rope structure at the Bedok Town Park

Lastly, there is a pyramid-rope structure at the Bedok Town Park playground that you can climb.

Enjoying Bedok Town Park

Bedok Town Park Facilities

Right beside the play-area is a the foot reflexology footpath. Those looking to relax can walk on it to receive a foot massage!

Paths around the Park

There benches and seats around that area as well and the park is planted with many varieties of fruit trees, with the noticeable ones being mango trees. Feel free to rest under the shade of these trees.

Exercise Corner

A short walk away is the exercise corner more than nine different exercise stations to use such as leg presses, static bikes and more.


Bedok Town Park, Part of the Play Corridor

At Bedok Town Park is one of the parks located along the Play Corridor, which stretches between Bedok Reservoir Park and East Coast Park. The 4-km-long park connector caters to anyone who wants to extend their jogs or bike rides along the East Coast Park connector.

The four sections along the Play Corridor are The Hill, The Wind Valley, The Fishing Village and The Beach. These are representative of the towns of Bedok, Chai Chee and Marine Parade. These locations were once famous for their fishing villages, hilly landforms and the seafront.

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