Play Corridor In Bedok: Connecting The Reservoir To The Coast

Play Corridor In Bedok: Connecting The Reservoir To The Coast
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In Singapore, it is amazing how we always seem to be able to maximise the use of space. The Play Corridor in Bedok is a case in point. It manages to squeeze in four hubs with some play features along a walking and cycling route that stretches from Bedok Reservoir Park to East Coast Park.

The four-kilometre-long Play Corridor project is now several years old. It connects Bedok Town Centre with Bedok Reservoir Park in the north and East Coast Park to the south.

Play Corridor: From Bedok Reservoir To East Coast Park

Play Corridor: From Bedok Reservoir To East Coast Park

Starting from Bedok Reservoir Park, the Play Corridor stretches past Block 720 Bedok Reservoir Road and Bedok Town Park, and across the Pan-Island Expressway to Bedok North Road. It continues on to Bedok MRT and Bedok South Avenue 1 before providing a connection to East Coast Park at the Laguna Flyover area.

Along the route are four “hubs”. These serve as the landmarks of the Play Corridor.

The Hill

The Hill

Along Bedok North Avenue 1, there is The Hill. This hub is inspired by Bedok’s hilly terrain of the past. It features hexagonal planter seats made from stone.

The Wind Valley

Wind Valley

Further along, at the junction of Bedok North Avenue 1 and New Upper Changi Road, is The Wind Valley. The stone planters make a reappearance and there are wind sculptures which were intended to twirl in the wind.

Wind Sculptures

Several years on, the wind sculptures look like remnants of the past themselves.

The Fishing Village

The Fishing Village - Play Corridor in Bedok

The Fishing Village at Bedok South Avenue 1 has distinctive pavilions which have been built to resemble traditional fishing traps.

Bedok Play Corridor The Fishing Village

Reflective stainless steel sculptures adorn this hub of the Bedok Play Corridor.

Nets at the Play Corridor

There are also net-like play structures.

Cat-and-fish sculptures

Look out for adorable cat-and-fish sculptures hidden around the foliage.

The Beach

The Beach - Play Corridor

At the other end of Bedok South Avenue 1 is The Beach. This hub is intended to represent the shift from land and sand.

Glass Panels

Colourful glass panels catch the sun at this hub of the Play Corridor.


A blue-coloured section of The Beach evokes images of the sea with the mounds representing islands dotting the water.

The Beach is a reminder that the sands of East Coast Beach are not far away.