5 Types Of Games To Play During Chinese New Year Visitations

5 Types of Screen-free Games To Play During Chinese New Year Visitations
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Hands up if you love games!

Instead of playing Mobile Legends with your peers, how about trying something different?

It is usual to witness a sea of heads bowed over mobile devices during gatherings. With limitations on visitors to each household, it would be difficult to meet up with cousins and relatives. Given how “precious” the opportunity is, perhaps we can encourage playing games that allow for more interaction.

Games to play during CNY

Here are five types of games to play during CNY!

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1. A Minute to Win It

We like A Minute to Win It games because it usually results in plenty of laughter.

Plus, you can make use of the props all around the home. Mandarin oranges are aplenty, biscuit tins and snacks are easy to find too.

Here are some suggestions on improvising the games to be CNY-friendly:

  • Rolling an orange using noses across the floor
  • Stack the oranges
  • Eat the CNY cookie placed on the forehead without using hands
  • Stack the CNY cookies, tallest cookie tower wins

2. Local Games with a Test of Dexterity – Kopi King and Chope

Local Games with a test of dexterity Kopi King and Chope

Since it’s Chinese New Year, rope in the grands to play local games with familiar themes that grandparents can relate to.

Local game company Origame creates games with local themes that engage both the young and the old. They are easy to learn and pretty quick to play. Chope is about choping hawker centre tables, and avoiding birds while pairing dishes to sides. We think this would be a fun one to play with a mixed age group.

Kopi King pays tribute to the kopi aunty always raring to take your orders at the coffee shop. Take your orders, make them quick and the first one to finish making five complete orders may win the game!

3. Strategy Games

Dave Photoz on Unsplash

If the preference is to play strategy games that are not Monopoly or Risk, we like Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Blokus and Reversi.

While these games can take time, it also forces the players to think and strategise. This will encourage focus and critical thinking.

We have other suggestions for family-friendly strategy games here.

4. Classic Games

For those who hate reading game rules and manuals, classic games are easy to play since almost everyone knows them.

We have got a good list of classic games including I Spy, Simon Says, Floor is Lava which would be winners even for the littlest children.

5. Party Games with Online Resources

Some party games are better played with online resources. If no one has cards and board games, use some help on the internet! Check out some party games here.

Start the raucous-making!

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