10+ Useful Things To Know Before Visiting Gardens By The Bay’s Children’s Playground, Far East Organization Children’s Garden

Far East Organization Children's Garden
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Planning a visit to Gardens By The Bay’s children’s playground or Far East Organization Children’s Garden? Here are some useful nuggets of information you can arm yourselves with before you make a trip there!

Useful Things To Know Before Visiting Gardens By The Bay’s Children’s Playground

#1 – Opening Hours

Visiting Gardens By The Bay's Children's Playground

Gardens By The Bay’s Far East Organization Children’s Garden is open from Tuesdays to Sundays, with the last admission for the day at 6.30pm. The Children’s Garden is closed every Monday for maintenance. In the event a Public Holiday falls on a Monday, the Children’s Garden will be closed on Tuesday, the day after.

#2 – How to Get There

There are a number of ways to get to the Children’s Garden. If you’re taking the train, the closest MRT station is Bayfront. Take Exit B, cross Dragonfly Bridge, and follow the signs to the Children’s Garden.

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#3 – Parking Tip

If you’re driving, park in the Main Carpark at just $0.03 a minute. At the moment, visitors will enjoy free lunchtime parking between 12pm to 2pm. Take advantage of this great deal and pop by the Children’s Garden then!

#4 – Wet Play Area

The main feature of the Children’s Garden is the Water Play Area, so be sure to pack in your swimmers, a change of clothes, and sunscreen. No footwear is allowed in the Water Play Area, so consider leaving your slippers at home.

#5 – Lockers

If you’d like to be hands-free and be able to play to your heart’s content, keep your belongings safe in the electronic lockers found right outside the wash and change facilities.

#6 – Seating

Alternatively, if you’d like to stay dry, there is an Amphitheatre with a covered canopy just steps away from the Water Play zone. Some seating is available, so get comfortable while keeping an eye on the children and your belongings.

#7 – Water Fun for Little Ones

Water Play Area for Toddlers

Young and old will love running through the main splash pad of the Water Play Zone, and getting soaked by the orchid-shaped splash buckets, and the motion-activated sprinklers. The Fish Fountain has been designed especially for tots between 1 to 5 years old who want to get in on the wet and wild action but in a calmer fashion.

#8 – Toddler Play

The Toddler Play Area is right in front of the Children’s Garden Cafe, and features a couple of hammock swings, a small climbing frame and slide, some spring jump pads, and spring riders. Suitable for children aged between 1 to 5 years old, the Toddler Play Area is small enough and sort of enclosed (by lots of shrubbery), so parents can stand back and let the little ones explore independently!

#9 – Hit the Adventure Trail

Gardens By The Bay's Children's Playground, Far East Organization Children's Garden

Older children will enjoy the Adventure Trail, suitable for ages 6 to 12. Made up of 14 different obstacles spread out over 130 metres, the Adventure Trail can be found just behind the Amphitheatre in the Children’s Garden. Lined by trees and 100 other species of plants, the Adventure Trail features 2-storey high tube slides, and a variety of rope and balance beam type equipment to encourage children to jump, cross, climb, swing and balance. It’s a real head-to-toe workout!

#10 – Get Ready to Climb

Conquer the Adventure Trail and arrive at a suspension bridge that will take you to the Children’s Garden Tree Houses, also recommended for ages 6 to 12. The two tree houses are a maze of ropes, ladders, elevated platforms, and hanging pods that connect with slippery dips and bridges.

#11 – Sand Play

Make your way to the foot of the tree houses for some sensory play in the large sand pit where there are some spring riders for the young at heart, and a lovely tree-lined path that leads back to the Amphitheatre and the Water Play Zone.

#12 – Cafe in the Gardens by the Bay’s Children’s Playground

After all that playing, it’s time to feed! If you didn’t pack a lunch, pop into the Children’s Garden Cafe for some light bites of French Fries, Chicken Nuggets, and Chicken Winglets. Or if you fancy something heartier, opt for one of the Assorted Bento Meals. Just need a drink? There are soft drinks, milk, and coffee on the Cafe menu.


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