81 Zombie Jokes That Are Dead Funny

Zombie Jokes That Are Dead Funny
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Want to enjoy the best zombie jokes out there? Zombies are an essential part of  Halloween fun. And funny zombie jokes can offer countless fun and laughter for both kids and adults.

We have selection of hilarious zombie jokes and puns that will get you laughing with joy. These funny jokes about zombies are great fun for sharing with your family and friends. 

Best Zombie Jokes for a Good Laugh

Zombie Jokes for a Good Laugh

1. Why do zombies avoid eating clowns?
Because they taste funny!

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2.Why do zombies go to sleep early? 
Because they are dead tired.

3. How did the group of zombie entrepreneurs come up with their business plan?
They brainstormed together. 

4. What do zombie pirates eat?

5. What does a zombie use to work from home? 

6. What is a zombie’s favorite sauce with brains?

7. What do you call a roe of zombies approaching?
A dead-line!

8. Where do zombies go for a meal together?

9. Where do zombies go dancing?
At the monster mash. 

10. What do dyslexic zombies eat? 

11. What do you get when you cross a zombie with a legume?
A zom-bean!

12. Humans get arrested under Miranda rights, but what do zombies get arrested under? 
Habeas Corpus. 

13. How can you tell that the zombie stand up comedian was a hit with the audience? 
Because he was killin’ it on stage. 

14. What do zombies say before they eat?
“Bone Appetit!”

15. What do you call a zombie that cooks stir-frys?
Dead Man Wok-ing.

16. What does a zombie call a brain freeze?
A frozen dinner.

17. Why do you call a zombie who’s good at eating brains?

18. What was the zombie superhero afraid of?

19. What did the zombie say when he was asked why he eats brains? 
“A mind is a terrible thing to go to waste.”

20. What do vegetarian zombies eat? 

21. Which kind of burgers is a zombie’s favorite?
Bite-sized ones!

22. What is a zombie’s least favorite room in the house?
The living room. 

23. Why was the zombie feeling sad and lonely? 
Because he just wanted to be with zombodie he loved!

24. What did the zombie give his girlfriend for Valentine’s Day?
A deady bear!

25. How did the zombie feel about meeting his long-distance girlfriend for the first time?
He was dying to meet her!

26. How do zombies keep their hair in place?
With scare spray.

27. What should you do at a Halloween party if a zombie rolls their eyes at you?
Roll them back to them!

28. How did the zombie get ready for her dinner date?
She got dressed up to kill!

29. What do you call a Mexican zombie?

Zombie Jokes that are a Laugh 

Zombie Jokes that are a Laugh 

We hope that you are enjoying these funny zombie jokes and puns. We have more that are just waiting to tickle your funny bone. 

30. Why are zombies never arrested? 
Cause they can never be taken alive!

31. What do zombies consult to find out their futures?

32. How do zombies celebrate Halloween?
They paint the town dead.

33. Why was the zombie rushed to the hospital?
Because he was in a grave condition.

34. What is black, white & dead all over?
A zombie in a tuxedo.

35. How did the zombie greet the human?
Nice to eat you!

36. Why did the zombie take a day off work?
He was feeling really rotten.

37.What is a zombie’s favorite type of weather?

38. What do you call an undead cheese? 
A zom-brie.

39. What is a zombie s favorite language? 
Latin, because it is a dead language.

40. Why did the zombie go to see the doctor?
Because he was coffin. 

41. What is zombie’s favorite type of dessert?
Eyes cream!

42.What do you call a dog that comes back from the dead?
A zom-beagle.

43.What is a zombies least favorite month of the year? 

44. Why are zombies so good at playing Minecraft? 

45. Why is it never wise to let a zombie cross the road alone? 
It might not have eyes.

46. What do you call it when the zombie chooses the salad instead of the filet mignon at a fancy restaurant?
A grave mis-steak. 

47. What type of candy do zombies refuse to eat?
Life Savers.

48. Where can you find zombie monkeys?
In the brain forest.

49. Why didn’t the zombie go bungee jumping? 
Because it did not have the guts to walk.

50. Did you hear about the undead in Greece?
It’s a total zombie Acropolis.

51. What do you call an undead yellowjacket?
A zoom-bee. 

52. What did the zombie riding on a horse say to his victim?
The end is neigh. 

53. Where do zombies live? 
On dead-end streets!

54. What do cat zombies use to groom themselves?

55. What shampoo does a zombie wash his hair with? 
Head and Shoulders!

56. Why did the policeman arrest the zombie after pulling him over?
Because the zombie couldn’t walk in a straight line.

57.How did the zombie bodybuilder hurt his back?
He was dead lifting.

58. What type of bread do zombies usually eat? 
Whole brain!

59. How did the zombie help the other zombie screw in the lightbulb?
He gave him a hand!

60. How do zombies eat healthier?
They switch to vegetarians.

61. What forms part of a complete zombie diet?
Plenty of whole brains!

62. What the name of zombies favorite hit song to listen to?
“Diamonds are a ghoul’s best friend!”

63. What kind of apocalypse would be best for the economy?
A zombie apocalypse, because zombies are great consumers!

64.. What do zombies say before a boxing match? 
“Do you want a piece of me”?

65. What do zombies get around?
In a monster truck!

66. Why do zombies prefer to eat straight-A students?
Because they have big brains!

More Zombie Jokes & Puns

More Zombie Jokes & Puns

Sometimes, it feels as if zombies just get a bad rap. After all, they don’t tend to have much a personality. But that’s probably because they are always hungry. If you are also hungry for more zombie jokes and puns, read on!  

67. What do you call a zombie sleepover called? 
Mass grave!

68. Do zombies eat candy corn with their fingers?
No, they eat their fingers separately!

69. Why was the zombie left-handed?
Because his right arm dropped off!

70. What should you never give a zombie?
A piece of your mind!

71. What currency do zombies use?

72. Can zombies do yoga?
Of corpse they can. 

73. How does a zombie like his steak done?

74. What type of prisons do zombies like being sent to?
Brain cells!

75. What do the zombies read in the newspaper?
They read the head lines.

76. What do you call a bite from a zombie in the arctic?

77. What did the zombie’s order at the bar? 
A Bloody Mary!

78. What do Middle Eastern Zombies eat?

79. Where do zombies go swimming?
In the Dead Sea!

80. What do you call a zombie that doesn’t laugh at funny zombie jokes?
Dead serious.

81. What makes zombies laugh?
Dad jokes.

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