Yishun Nature Park: Native Nature Collection & Playground

Yishun Nature Park: Native Nature Collection & Playground
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Yishun Nature Park is a green parkland located along Yishun Ring Road. It is envisaged as a place where the community, both kids and adults, can explore and learn about the native flora found in Singapore.

Yishun Nature Park was completed in 2016. With the passage of time, it is starting to show its age with the signboards starting to fade. However, there are also renewal plans, for example, with a new children’s playground being redeveloped.

Within Yishun Nature Park, most of the trees and shrubbery are native to Singapore. These include the kapok tree, elephant apple, broad leaf mahogany and jelutong.

The trees and shrubs have been labelled with both their common and scientific names. It was designed with principles of sustainability in mind. This include the use of “green” concrete, as well as sustainability sourced timber.

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Visiting Yishun Nature Park

Visiting Yishun Nature Park

Inside the Nature Park, there are well-shaded areas, cut through with leafy pathways.

Signs at the park

Look out for the signs, albeit weathered and faded, that point out the various trees and shrubs in the park. In total, there are 11 stations on a nature trail.

Rest Huts

There are also sheltered rest huts in Yishun Nature Park, as well as a basketball court.

Yishun Nature Park Playground

Yishun Nature Park Playground

The Yishun Nature Park playground features a basket swing, located close to some play panels and an exercise area.

Yishun Nature Park Children's Playground

Another section of the playground is made up of climbing nets and ropes that have been slung out under a metal dome frame.

New playground at Yishun Nature Park

There is also a new, soon-to-be-opened section to the children’s playground.

Children's playground at Yishun Nature Park

This features a colourful play structure with a slide, swings, a rocking vehicle, as well as musical play panels for toddlers.

Yishun Nature Park is located along Yishun Ring Road, next to Yishun Greenwalk’s Block 315B.

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