Wow Your Relatives With These 23 Chinese New Year Greetings

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As fortune would have it, it’s the time of the year to see family, nosey aunts, funny uncles, long-lost relatives at the annual meet-ups. Thank goodness it is just once a year! Jokes aside, what better way to impress them quite easily by learning 23 auspicious Chinese New Year greetings.

Chinese New Year Greetings

Go beyond the standard greetings like 万事如意,恭喜发财 or because they are so overused. Try these and you might receive an abundance of praises (and extra red packets)!

Instead of Saying “Happy New Year” or 新年快乐

恭贺新禧 gong1 he4 xin1 xi3

A scholarly way of saying “Happy New Year” #higherchinesestudent

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和气吉祥全家樂 he2 qi4 ji2 xiang2 quan2 jia1 le4

Wishing a lucky, harmonious, joyous New Year for the whole family

四季平安过旺年 si4 ji4 ping2 an1 guo4 wang4 nian2

A fruitful and peaceful year through all seasons

Chinese New Year Greetings on Good Luck

鼠年大吉 shu3 nian2 da4 ji2

May the Year of the Rat be a lucky one!

吉星高照 ji2 xing1 gao1 zhao4

May your lucky stars hang up high!

吉祥如意 ji2 xiang2 ru2 yi4

A lucky year that goes your way

称心如意 cheng4 xin1 ru2 yi4

Have your wishes fulfilled

Well Wishes on Longevity & Good Health (besides 身体健康)

竹報平安 zhu2 bao4 ping2 an1

May you be blessed with longevity and peace

健康长寿 jian4 kang1 chang2 shou4

Good health and longevity

Well Wishes on Blessings

五福临门 wu3 fu2 lin2 men2

May you have five great blessings (Longevity, wealth, health, virtue, and a natural death)

阖家幸福 he2 jia1 xin4 fu2

Blessings upon your family!

心想事成 xin1 xiang3 shi4 cheng2

May all your wishes become reality

CNY Greetings on Studies & Career

一帆风顺 yi4 fan1 feng1 shun4

May everything be smooth-sailing

步步高升 bu1 bu1 gao1 sheng1

May you progress and get promoted

平步青云 ping2 bu4 qing1 yun2

May your progress be meteoric

金榜提名 jin1 bang3 ti2 ming2

May you get ranked top (Especially useful for PSLE students)

学业有成 xue2 ye4 you3 cheng2

Wishing you much academic success

前程似锦 qian2 cheng2 shi4 jin3

Bright future like an embroidered tapestry

CNY Greetings on Peace & Joy

笑口常開 xiao4 kou3 chang2 kai1

Much laughter and joy

岁岁平安 sui1 sui1 ping2 an1

Peace all year round and at every age

Well Wishes on Wealth & Riches

和气生财 he2 qi4 sheng1 cai2

May harmony bring health

財源滾滾 cai2 yuan2 gun3 gun3

May you have an abundance of wealth

财运亨通 cai2 yun4 xiang3 tong1

May the road to wealth be wide open

Now you can rattle off CNY greetings like a Chinese Scholar!

Rattle off Chinese New Year greetings like a Chinese Scholar!Charm your relatives with sweet greetings from the family, especially the children. For a list of Lou Hei greetings, check out our video here. Who knows? Your greetings might bring good fortune!

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