Where To Find New & Good-As-New Notes DBS/POSB ATMs & Digital Alternatives

Where To Find New & Good-As-New Notes DBS/POSB ATMs & Digital Alternatives
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With Chinese New Year just around the corner, some of us may be looking to withdraw some crisp dollar notes to put into ang baos to giveaway to loved ones. For this, DBS / POSB has set up a network of new or good-as-new notes 64 ATMs across the island to serve its customers.

Digital Ang Baos from DBS

DBS has been encouraging customers to look at digital alternatives to physical red packets. After all, it is 2022 and digital ang baos are also a more eco-friendly option to exchange good luck and well wishes.

These alternatives to the usual ang baos are:

  • DBS QR Gift, a ‘phygital’ alternative which makes use of environmentally-friendly FSC-certified paper that does away with the need for new notes and red packets. It works like a personalised gift card and the gifted money can be redeemed through PayNow and PayLah. Get more details here.
  • DBS eGift, a fully digital gifting option. Those who wish to use this option can do so by tapping the in-app ‘eGift’ icon in DBS PayLah! and indicate their preferred amount, along with a message and animation of their choice. It can even be used to send a person a red packet if you don’t see him or her. (We’ll leave that you to decide if that is good or bad.)

Where to Get New Notes for Chinese New Year – New & Good-As-New Notes DBS/POSB ATMs

For those who still wish to get new or good-as-new notes for Chinese New Year, the bank is setting up new notes ATMs and self-service touchpoints, which will be operational for 21 days from 11 January 2022. They will also be available via the bank’s online reservation service.

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There will be 64 ATMs disbursing new and good-as-new notes across 45 locations island-wide – up from 61 ATMs across 41 locations in 2021. This includes 30 POSB new notes pop-up ATMs. In addition, DBS/POSB will be converting 34 existing ATMs (across select self-service and financial planning branches) into dedicated self-service touchpoints for disbursing new and good-as-new notes.

The service will be available from 10 am to 10 pm daily for the period of 11 January to 30 January, and 10 am to 1 pm on 31 January (CNY eve). Each customer is limited to a maximum of three withdrawals throughout this period.

Here’s a map of where to find the DBS/POSB’s new notes ATMs.

Do take note that branch walk-ins or online reservations for new notes withdrawal and exchange services during branch operating hours will be restricted to customers aged 60 and above, and customers with disabilities.

Other customers will need to first book a slot via DBS’ online reservation system, upon which they can then visit a branch for these services during dedicated new notes collection hours, which is one hour before and after branch operating hours, at their preferred date and location.

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