Toa Payoh Crest Playground: Fun On The Slopes

Toa Payoh Crest Playground: Fun On The Slopes
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Inspired by the origins of Toa Payoh’s name, the Toa Payoh Crest Playground offers a chance for kids to have fun on slopes and imagine themselves hopping and climbing about a “big swamp”.

Inspired by the Past

Found in the midst of the towering blocks of flats along Toa Payoh Lorong 1, the Toa Payoh Crest playground is designed for five to 12 year olds. The padded floor HDB playground was inspired by Toa Payoh’s past topography as a swampland.

Coloured in brown, grey and purple hues, the Toa Payoh Crest playground is built along a slope. This allows kids to have fun at an angle.

The various play elements make use of the slope to create an interesting play experience for kids.

Rubber Mounds - Toa Payoh Crest playground

At one end of the playground, there are rubber mounds. They come with climbing ropes fitted with hand grips for kids to scale up the playground slope.

Slides at the Toa Payoh Crest Playground

Two tube slides, one yellow and one purple, allow kids to head back down to the lower tier of the playground with the aid of gravity.

Stepping Stones & Climbing Frames

Stepping Stones & Climbing Frames

There are round stepping stones, inspired by the need to skip and hop across swampy ground, clustered at one end of the playground.

Stepping stones

These padded stepping stones extend up and down the slope of the playground.

Playground at Toa Payoh Crest

At the higher tier of the playground, there are also climbing structures for kids to play on and challenge themselves.

Climbing nets

These include a bouncy climbing net.

Toa Payoh Crest Playground

Toa Payoh Crest playground is a unique spot which draws on the past for inspiration to create a fun play experience on the slopes for kids.

Old school horse play sculptures

It is an interesting modern addition to other heritage-style playgrounds around Toa Payoh like the dragon playground at Lorong 6, the old-school animal playground at Lorong 7, Dinosaurs at Kim Keat and the Sensory Park.

The Toa Payoh Crest playground is located next to Block 131 Toa Payoh Lorong 1, where the Creamier ice cream store is located.


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