Tinkering Sunday: Sound Play

Musical Rhapsodies in the Garden
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Taking place on the last Sunday of every month, Tinkering Sunday sessions are suitable for parents and children (from the age of 5 to 12) to do together. The activities are open-ended but within a theme, and carefully curated materials and tools are available. The aim of these facilitated sessions is to try out things, explore, experiment and create. Most of the time, you will not go home with a product but with a set of experiences.

Be your own instrument in this exciting workshop! Children and parents will get to explore using contact microphones and create sounds from body parts and moving natural objects. Who knows, we might be able to get an orchestra together.

For ages 5 to 12.

Ticket Price: $32 per adult/child pair

Register here: http://ptix.co/1TYnQHG

Event Information

Tinkering Sunday: Sound Play

Start date: 26/6/16 10:30
End date: 26/6/16 12:30

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