Tinker Fest

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Tinker Fest, organised by Imagin8ors and Science Centre Singapore, connects children, parents, educators and makers during a week-long celebration that highlights the joy of learning through play, exploration and experimentation.

Themed “Nurturing 21 Century Learners!”, the festival seeks to emphasise the foundational capabilities that need to be instilled in children from an early age. This will help to equip them with the skills and tenacity to succeed in a rapidly changing, technology-driven world.

Parents and pre/primary school children (ages 3 upwards) can take part in a wide range of activities at The Tinkering Studio, which has been carefully designed to facilitate critical thinking, imagination and creativity, integrate multiple disciplines like art and science, highlight how to use technology purposefully, and build character traits.

All-Day Activities include:

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Land It Safely: Learn about the concepts of gravity, speed, time and friction by landing a paper helicopter safely with ‘passengers’ on board!

Domino Effect: Let your imagination run wild by assembling dominos the most creative way possible, then start the chain reaction and watch them fall!

BrushBot Race: Create your very own BrushBot using a toothbrush and challenge your friends to a race! Learn about robotics, electronics and computational thinking as your construct your BrushBot.

Venue: Science Centre Singapore, Hall E, Tinkering Studio
Date: 10 to 18 Dec
Time: 10am to 6pm
Price: Free. Admission charges to the Science Centre apply.

Event Information

Tinker Fest

Start date: 10/12/16 10:00
End date: 18/12/16 18:00

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