The Junior Rockstars Holiday Program

The Junior Rockstars Holiday Program
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The Junior Rockstars is a 3-hour holiday program designed for children from 7 to 12 years old. In this program, your children will get to experience the “Mine to Market” journey of a gem.

Very often, children in schools learn about science and art as separate subjects. In this gem adventure, we will show them how science and art can come together through learning about gemstones and the earth. Using multi-sensory learning aspects of seeing, touching, feeling such as mining and carving gems, and using of tools like microscope, your children will be trained up in their observational skills. By learning and observing different types of gems, unusual rocks and minerals from all over the world, they will also get to understand the gem crystal materials in a fun and interactive way.

Key learning include:
Understanding earth and how gems are formed.
– The process of gemstone mining and trading.
– Looking into the world of gems with the microscope.
– How our surroundings interact with gems.

Fees: $78
*Includes a goodie bag worth $48:
– The Gem Museum Limited Edition Tote Bag
– Mineral specimen
– Printed booklet
– Map with gemstone stickers
– Snacks

Seats are limited. Sign up at The Gem Museum or Eventbrite today.


Event Information

The Junior Rockstars Holiday Program

Start date: 5/12/18 10:00
End date: 5/12/18 13:00

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