The Dessert Museum at Plaza Singapura

The Dessert Museum Pop-up at Plaza Singapura
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Sweeten up any social media feed with a picture in The Dessert Museum Pop-up at Plaza Singapura! Till 27 October 2019, head on down to a small but sweet replica of the actual Dessert Museum which is also located in the Philippines. With five different candy-themed rooms to choose from, here are some of the photo spots you can expect.

Donut Room

Slide down the pastel pink slide and enter a room with dozens upon dozens of doughnuts hanging from wall to ceiling. Pick your favourite flavour off the wall to use as a prop or stand in front of the little pop-up stand and live any dreams of running a doughnut stand here.

Candy Cane Room

Candy Cane RoomSplit into the sides of Naughty or Nice, this room lets you show what team you’re on be it by sitting on the swings, see-saws or even just walking through the doors. We all know that everyone has a little bit of both, so a spot we approve of is the candy cane path that lets you stand right in the middle of a parted sea of pink and blue candy canes.

Cake Pop Room

Cake Pop Room, The Dessert Museum, Plaza SingapuraGiant cake pop alert! This is a great room to come with your squad and pose in between the rainbow rows of cake pops or hop onto one of the giant cake pops with yellow and pink outer shells covered in rainbow sprinkles. Real cake pops are unfortunately not included.

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The Häagen-Dazs Room

The Häagen-Dazs RoomHere’s one for the ice cream lovers where you can be surrounded by larger than life tubs and sticks of ice cream. No worries about any melting on your outfit so get creative with the poses here!

The PS 45 Room

The PS 45 RoomYour favourite dessert not in any of the previous rooms? You just might find it here in the Pretty Sweet 45 room. There’s a giant churro bench, an enormous three-tiered cupcake, a shower of marshmallows and a pink bathtub filled with what we imagine to be a bubble bath of cotton candy. (But use your imagination, it can be any sweet treat you want it to be!) Complete with transparent balloons filled with glitter, it’s a sweet room to end off your time in sugar-land.

The Dessert Museum Pop-UpTo get a pair of entry tickets to The Dessert Museum Pop-Up, simply spend a minimum of $45 in a single receipt at Plaza Singapura. Kids below the age of 3 enter for free.

The Dessert Museum Pop-up at Plaza Singapura

The Dessert Museum Pop-up at Plaza SingapuraPlaza Singapura Main Atrium, Level 1
Open Sunday to Thursday, 10 am to 10 pm; Friday to Saturday, 10 am to 2 am

Event Information

The Dessert Museum at Plaza Singapura

Start date: 3/10/19 0:00
End date: 22/10/19 23:59

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