Tank Playground & Truck Playground at Chua Chu Kang

Tank Playground at Chua Chu Kang
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Kids will charge towards the Tank Playground and Truck Playground at Chua Chu Kang once it is in their sights. Found among the new HDB apartments at Keat Hong, these two playgrounds salute the military heritage of the area where army camps once stood nearby.

Tank Playground at Keat Hong Quad

Tank Playground at Kim Keat Quad

Found at the base of Block 815C at Chao Chu Kang Avenue 1, the playground is dominated by a white tank play structure.

Tank Playground at Chua Chu Kang

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The formidable-looking tank seems to be lumbering across bumpy terrain as it charges toward the other play equipment nearby.

Tank Playground

Kids can climb on to the tank from the outside, and climb inside too. There is a “hatch” near the turret where they can pop into the tank and other entryways around the tank.

Interior of Tank Playground

The interior of the tank playground is fitted out with webbing that encourages exploration and a sense of adventure.

Vertical Playground

Close to the Tank Playground is a vertical playground. This fun play structure lets kids climb up and up. It has a metallic finish and a purple slide for kids to make a quick escape from the top.

Truck Playground at Keat Hong Mirage

Military Truck Playground

A short distance away from the Tank Playground is a Military Truck Playground.

Military Truck Playground, Kim Keat Mirage

Looking more like a WW2 truck than a modern three-tonner, the kids can hop into the driver’s seat (left-hand drive) and pretend to steer the truck around.

Truck Bed at Military Truck Playground

At the rear, the open-air truck bed has a stack of green crates that lead to a slide where kids can “unload” themselves from the truck.

Watchtower at Truck Playground

Keeping watch over the truck is an imposing tower. Kids can scale a red rope ladder leading up to the watchtower’s platform.

Once at the top, the fastest way down is via the fireman’s pole!

Crates at the Truck Playground

Colourful blue and green crates lie around the Truck playground at Keat Hong Mirage, perfect for kids to climb about and imagine they are on a mission to resupply the front lines.

There is also playground equipment suitable for young kids nearby.

Fun Playgrounds

Both the Tank Playground and the Truck Playground are fun spots that reflect the heritage of the area, much like the Sembawang Battleship playground and Aeroplane playground at The Oval @ Seletar Aerospace Park. Having said that, that made us wonder what the Whimsical Houses playground in Yishun is alluding to?

Tank Playground, Kim Keat Quad, Chua Chu Kang

815C Chua Chu Kang Avenue 1, Singapore 683815

Truck Playground, Kim Keat Mirage, Chua Chu Kang

818B, Chua Chu Kang Avenue 1, Singapore 683818

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