Whimsical Fun at Yishun River Green Interactive Playground

Yishun Green interactive playground crooked houses
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Yishun Green interactive playground aerial

Whimsical and imaginative, the interactive playground at Yishun River Green is an inviting space for exploration.

Completed in November 2015, this park includes interactive light stepping pads, crooked houses, hammock-swings, long slides, a tunnel, and more.

The sprawling space at the foot of Blk 330 Yishun Ring Rd is divided by a sheltered walkway.

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Yishun Green interactive playground crooked houses

Crooked Houses, designed by Danish company MONSTRUM, is a gravity-defying cluster of wooden mini-towers with a slide and a tall bridge.

What we see is a fun mix of art, architecture and design, making way for imaginative play.

Made in MONSTRUM’s workshop in Copenhagen, the weather-proof wood structures seem to be of quality build.

The tall bridge and slide, as well as the rock-climbing wall, are features more suitable for older kids.


Yishun Green interactive playground crooked houses

The height of the ladder might seem daunting to toddlers, but older kids will have a field day.

Yishun Green interactive playground crooked houses

Inside the houses, there are child-sized picnic tables and benches. Great for role-playing.

Yishun Green interactive playground crooked houses

Signages that say “Grocery Store” and “Dairy Store” add to the humour of the play structures, with a local touch of Chinese!

This area also has lots of shade under the trees even in the heat of the afternoon sun. The rest of the playground, not so much – there is no shade at all, so visit only in the early morning or towards the evening.

Yishun Green interactive playground slide

At the centre of the playground, the industrial steel tunnel slide and huge spider-web net give room to lots of play.

Yishun Green interactive playground net

Yishun Green interactive playground tunnel

Climb through the steel tunnel and you will find yourself in the belly of the cavernous nest, surrounded by a spongy soft wall.

Yishun Green interactive playground steps

If you look hard enough, you’ll notice little carved out steps on the side of this mound, great for little hands and feet to grasp and climb.

Yishun Green interactive playground lightpads

These light pads light up with swirling colours when you step on them. When we were there in the afternoon, they were not switched on.

The Mini Pool is a sun-down activity, we suppose.

US interactive light sculptor Jen Lewin, who has designed light installations for i Light Marina Bay 2014 and 2016, created these two small installations at Yishun Green for community interaction.

Yishun Green interactive playground hammocks

A cluster of swing-hammocks lie in wait at the other end of the playground, swaying invitingly in the light breeze.

Like pendants hung from ropes, the kinetics hammock trellis is a series of nine swings hung high and low at various heights.

You could start from the lowest swing and work your way up to the highest one, finding strategic ways to get to the top.

Yishun Green interactive playground hammocks

Groups of kids could also gather here.

Or you could just lie back and swing lazily in your hammock of choice.

We love the open space and imaginative design of this interactive playground at Yishun Green.

If you look further beyond the playground, there are indoor and outdoor courts, as well as open-air soccer fields for sports, as well.

Lots of play for the whole family!

Yishun Green interactive playground courts field

Yishun Green Interactive Playground
Blk 330 Yishun Ring Rd

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