Wallholla: Where To Find Vertical Playgrounds In Singapore

Cambridge Park, along Cambridge Road
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High-rise structures are a common sight in Singapore due to our scarce land. So why not have vertical playgrounds in Singapore too? The Wallholla playground is exactly that and ideally suited to fits right in the architectural landscape of our urban backyards.

History of Wallholla Playground

wallholla bukit batok

The “Wallholla” playground was first designed in 2005 by Dutch company, Carve. They were given a task to design a new schoolyard area with a list of requirements including a space to accommodate 60 children at a time at a large soccer field for climbing and play activities.

They came up with the idea of a vertical playground where kids could move around and have fun without having too large a footprint.

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The Design of Wallholla: For Tight Spaces

wallholla Cambridge

With a striking design that makes it a sculptural playground, and perfect for constrained spaces, the Wallholla playground is modular. This means different playset elements can be fitted into each vertical playground.

Vertical Playgrounds in Singapore

Play elements include slides, climbing walls, sliding poles, climbing nets and ropes of varying lengths.

Carpmael Park Wallhola Vertical Playground

At first glance, it also resembles a human-scaled hamster maze.

Ribbon inside the Wallhola Playground

One signature feature of the Wallholla playground is the brightly-coloured, ribbon-like platforms appear to be floating between the muted posts and wire mesh walls. Although it is somewhat of a high element, the structure adheres to playground safety standards and offers a wide variety of physical and mental engagement for hours of kids games and beneficial play.

Where to find Vertical Playgrounds in Singapore

673A Edgefield Plains
Vertical playground at 673B Edgefield Plains

The Wallholla vertical playground is suitable for children aged 5 to 12 and can be found across Singapore.

Today there are more than 25 of the vertical playgrounds across the island. They have been installed in schools, private residential areas and public parks too.

Some popular public spots that you can find a Wallholla structure include the playgrounds at Tampines St 45 and 673A Edgefield Plains.

Wallhola Playgrounds in Singapore

If you wish to let your kids have some vertical climbing fun, here are the public playgrounds that have a Wallholla structure for kids to enjoy. A word of thanks to Playpoint Singapore, distributor of Wallhola, for providing the locations of these playgrounds around Singapore.


  • Blk 185A, Woodlands St 13
Block 832 Yishun Street 81 Wallhola Vertical Playground
Block 832 Yishun Street 81 Wallhola Vertical Playground


Blk 158, Bishan St 13
Singapore’s first Wallhola playground at Block 158, Bishan St 13
Cambridge Park, along Cambridge Road
Wallhola playground at Cambridge Park


  • Blk 54, Geylang Bahru
  • Singpost Centre, 10 Eunos Road 8
Blk 489C, Tampines St 45 
Vertical playground at Tampines St 45
Carpmael Park: Wallhola Vertical Playground
Carpmael Park’s Wallhola Playground
673A Edgefield Plains
  • 673A Edgefield Plains, Punggol East


Vertical playground at Jurong West Ave 5
Vertical playground at Jurong West Ave 5

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