Tanjong Goodman: Imaginary Compound & Weekend Market

Tinker Technique Parent-Child Workshop: Water Marbling
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Grab your kids, family and friends, and hop over to Goodman Arts Centre for an art extravaganza!

This year’s edition — Imaginary Compound — invites all to explore all the possibilities that Goodman Arts Centre can be! Enjoy a day of adventure with the artists from the Centre, ranging from performances and workshops to visual art demonstrations, as well as interactive sessions with these artists via Open Studio sessions.

As part of your art adventures at Tanjong Goodman 2017, a smorgasbord of arts and craft flea markets, pre-loved collectibles, and eco-friendly lifestyle products will be available for you!

Event Information

Tanjong Goodman: Imaginary Compound & Weekend Market

Start date: 21/1/17 10:00
End date: 22/1/17 18:00

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