Stories in Art: Escaping the Labyrinth

Stories in Art: Escaping the Labyrinth
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The tale of Theseus and the Minotaur is one of the most fascinating stories from the Greek mythology. How will Theseus, king of Athens, navigate a labyrinth to vanquish the half-man half bull Minotaur? Storyteller and founding director of ACT 3 Theatrics, R Chandran, will need your help to lead Theseus out of this mazy tale in our special exhibition Awakenings.

Ages 4 and above.

– 2.30–3.15pm
– 3.30–4.15pm


Event Information

Stories in Art: Escaping the Labyrinth

Start date: 14/7/19 14:30
End date: 14/7/19 16:15

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