Space Next (2D & 3D)

Space Next (2D & 3D)
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The journey to reach the stars began with our earliest dreams of flying, and led to landing on the moon and sending a probe to Pluto. But that’s only the beginning.

Space Next offers a glimpse into tomorrow, and the possibilities of what is to come by way of private space developments and national space programmes. The result is an immersive display of interplanetary excellence sure to inspire a generation of explorers, scientists, and dreamers. Come discover what’s next.

2D – Recommended for 7 years old and above
3D* – Recommended for 10 years old and above.
*Standard glass size are used for the 3D version of the movie.

Event Information

Space Next (2D & 3D)

Start date: 25/2/19 0:00
End date: 30/6/19 23:59

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