Singapore Teddy & Friends Show 2018

Singapore Teddy & Friends Show 2018
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Visit Singapore’s biggest Teddy Bear & Friends event!

The Singapore Teddy & Friends Show 2018 will be held at the Visual Arts Centre from 16 – 18th November 2018 (Friday – Sunday).

*Friday, 16 November will be open to the public who have registered for the workshops.

*Saturday and Sunday, 17 & 18 November will be the main exhibition event open to the general public.

The show’s main focus is Teddy Bears which are deemed to be soft sculpture.  Teddies are iconic objects which touch the hearts of both children and adults. Almost everyone is able to associate easily with teddy bears as they hark back to fond childhood memories.

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However, with the impact of modern technology, the sight of children playing with such toys is fast disappearing in the midst of today’s busy society.

This 3-day event aims to promote an appreciation for toy making and build a connection between the human touch and the art of Teddy Bear making.

The international teddy bear artists who will be exhibiting their work have the same objective to reach out to the masses through the craft of teddy bear, doll and other craft making.

The show features International Teddy Bear and Doll Artists from Australia, Estonia, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Russia, Taiwan, UK, Ukraine, USA and many more, including some of our locally bred talents. Besides Teddy Bears, we will also be featuring several reputable doll artists and toy designers.

You can also expect to find bear making supplies with a wide selection of Fabrics, Joints and Eyes for making your own Teddy Bears. Also available will be different types of accessories suitable for dressing up your Teddy Bears and dolls!

On Friday, we have several workshops catering for both adults and children. You can sign up for simple Teddy Bear or Doll making workshops and many other activities.

Be sure to mark this date in your calendar.  It is going to be a fun and exciting experience for you, your family and friends.

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Event Information

Singapore Teddy & Friends Show 2018

Start date: 16/11/18 12:00
End date: 18/11/18 18:00

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