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Singapore Sports Hub Online Daily Fitness Programmes

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The Singapore Sports Hub announces a unique virtual workout experience through a new online series of daily fitness programmes.

These curated workout sessions in 7-minute intervals will be posted 7 days a week, allowing the general public to participate in these complimentary exercises at any time of the day and within the comfort of their own homes. Participants can access these videos at

These fun and easy-to-follow programmes, ranging from cardio, mind-body, strength, endurance, and conditioning, can be personalised to suit every individual’s fitness level so they can achieve a moderate to high-intensity workout.

Based around a unique “7-minute, 7 days” concept, the programme encourages Singaporeans to maintain a healthy lifestyle by incorporating quick workout routines into their daily lives.

Workout Synopsis:

Cardio Dance
Cardio Party at the comfort of your own home – Immense yourself in the latest pop tunes via easy to follow steps while getting a full-body cardio workout. Boogie away with your family members, a post-dinner workout awaits.

SuperFit Power Intense
Power and Muscle Training – this session improves your anaerobic capacity, strength, power and speed for explosive movements. Experience a series of exercises that help you burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time.

Boot Camp
High-Intensity Fitness for all – incorporating unique Martial Arts Movement! This session caters to all fitness levels, specifically designed to combine bodyweight movements and localised strength challenges that anyone can do. A total body workout so effective, it keeps you coming back for more.

Cardio Blast
Freestyle Cardio with a twist – great aerobic workout for the whole body to expend more calories at every session. This session will get you moving, improve your flexibility and strengthen your core muscles, a dance fitness party like no other!

Yoga Moves
Reinforcing the basics of Yoga – this session will get your blood flowing, helps you to learn the various range of dynamic motion in Yoga, to enhance your posture, improve core strength and agility, where you can apply to your daily fitness routines. At your own comfortable pace, Yoga Moves can help you stay flexible and strong without putting added stress on your joints.

SuperFit Balance Epitome
Be ready for anything – this session boosts overall fitness by building your balance in power and endurance so that you can complete both explosive and long-distance feats with ease.

SuperFit Endurance Kaizen
Maximise fat loss – this session optimises your aerobic capacity and energy systems for long-distance feats.

Yoga Wellness
Holistic wellness – this session helps you to be more self-aware of your range of motion and guide you through therapeutic movement to relax your mind and body.


Event Information

Singapore Sports Hub Online Daily Fitness Programmes

Start date: 17/4/20 8:00
End date: 30/6/20 17:00