Sights from Little India’s Deepavali Festival Village

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Two enormous peacock statues stand at the junction of Serangoon Road and Sungei Road. Laid out behind them are the dazzling lights of the Little India in the run up to Deepavali up. Not far from the junction, centred around the Little India Arcade, is the Deepavali Festival Village. Here, a kaleidoscopic array of market stalls line up along Hastings Road and Campbell Lane, filling the streets with colour able to rival the lights strung above Serangoon Road.

Deepavali Festival Village

The Deepavali Festival Village along Hastings Road and Campbell Lane began on 24 September. It will run till Friday 28 October, the eve of Deepavali.

Under the bazaar’s canopy, vendors sell festive tidbits, clothing, decorations and ornaments. People can be spotted getting henna tattoos. All this is part of the festivities leading up to Deepavali which takes place on Saturday, 29 October this year.

We bring you some of the sights from Little India’s Deepavali Festival Village.

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Deepavali Festival Village

Bags for Sale at the Deepavali Festival Village

Oil Lamps

Henna Tatoo

Little India Deepavali Light Up

The Deepavali Festival Village at Campbell Lane and Hastings Road is not the only bazaar taking place at Little India during this season. After visiting the Deepavali Festival Village, if you still have the energy, take a walk down along Serangoon Road to the larger Deepavali Fair at the field opposite Mustafa Centre.

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