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Rumpelstiltskin is a funny little man in love with golden-haired Gerta who only has eyes for the King. In this tale of words, you have to be careful how you choose to spin them.

Words are powerful things. Words can make and words can break. A name, a promise, a boast… all are incredibly potent once spoken, and this is a lesson Gerta learns the hard way.

Determined to impress King Gottfried, Gerta boasts of her ability to spin straw into gold. But when put to the task she fails to deliver. Desperate to continue this deception, she makes a promise she just won’t keep. Her first born child to be delivered to Rumpelstiltskin if he turns straw into gold.

Catch this brilliantly inventive, musicalish adaptation of the well-known Grimm Brothers’ classic. Don’t miss it!

Tickets available through SISTIC.

All weekday shows are only available through Players Theatre. To book through Players Theatre, call 644-644-30 or email:


Event Information


Start date: 9/9/17 0:00
End date: 24/9/17 23:59

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