River Valley High School Has Online Morning Assembly For Its Students

River Valley High School Has Online Morning Assembly For Its Students
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Since moving to home-based learning during this period of “circuit breaker”, the usual morning assembly that is conducted in primary and secondary schools have been on a pause. However, in at least one school, River Valley High School, the routine has been kept going by having online morning assembly.

River Valley High School’s Online Morning Assembly

The online morning assembly is conducted at a class level before home based learning begins. Students will get dressed in their school t-shirts and recite the Singapore pledge together in their respective classes, led by one of their classmates.

Temperature Taking
Temperature taking at the online morning assembly. Image: Ong Ye Kung’s Facebook Page

Temperature-taking is also conducted with students having to show their temperatures on the screen.

Education Minister Mr Ong Ye Keng share this initiative by River Valley High School in a Facebook post on 16 April. He said, “The school wanted students to continue these practices during HBL as part of their social responsibility and learning experience. It may seem unnecessary to some, but this routine instils a sense of discipline in students, and clearly marks the start of their school day despite being at home.”

Does your child’s school have morning assembly before home-based learning starts?

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