Precautions To Take With The Wuhan Virus Situation In Singapore

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The evolving Wuhan Coronavirus situation is a cause of concern for many, especially for those who remember the days of SARS back in 2003. As of 28 Jan 2020, 4 pm, there have been seven confirmed cases of the Wuhan virus in Singapore and tens of other cases pending test results.

What is the Wuhan Virus?

The Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is a new strain which was identified in Wuhan, China. It belongs to the same family of viruses as the common cold and pneumonia. Symptoms of the virus include cough, runny nose, fever and shortness of breath.

To explain further, the Ministry of Health has released a 1 min 52 sec video of Prof Leo Yee Sin, Executive Director of the National Centre for Infectious Diseases, answering a few key questions about the Wuhan coronavirus.

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Precautions to Take

The Ministry of Health has also advised the following precautions:

1. Avoid contact with live animals, poultry & birds;

2. Avoid consumption of raw and undercooked meat;

3. Avoid crowded places and people who are unwell;

4. Practise good personal hygiene at all times;

5. Wash hands frequency with soap;

6. Wear a mask if you have a cough or runny nose;

7. Cover your mouth with tissue paper when coughing and sneezing; and

8. See a doctor if unwell.

Precautions to take with the Wuhan VirusFor parents and families with young children, do remember to stay vigilant. Make sure that the kids practise good personal hygiene. This is especially so when after visiting public areas or at meal times. And set a good example too, kids will look to see how their parents behave.

Keeping Updated About the Wuhan Virus News in Singapore

There have been rumours and mis-information about the Wuhan virus in Singapore. This even resulted in a Pofma correction order being issued for a false forum post.

Be sure to get your information from reliable news sources. The Ministry of Health website also carries updates about the current situation at

You can also subscribe to the WhatsApp Channel for updates.

For parents with school-going children, the Parents Gateway app also disseminates information from the school and Ministry of Education.

Stay calm, safe and vigilant, everyone.



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