Pinocchio : A Whale of A Tale!

Pinocchio : A Whale of A Tale!
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No man is an island! Through a contemporary adaptation of Carlo Collodi’s esteemed work, “Pinocchio”, we aim to shed lights on the values of integrity, courage and appreciation for loved ones and the community that one lives in. Our “Pinocchio” embodies the spirits of adventure and exploration, transporting our children on a journey of curiosity and fantasy!

The inspiration was sparked when one gigantic sperm whale beached on Jurong Island on 10 July 2015. Jubilee, as she was named because she arrived in the year of our national Jubilee celebrations. Scientists found many plastic containers in her tummy and the cause of death was likely due to a big crash with boats, suggested by a missing vertebra.

Thus, this musical was created! We want to share with our future generations, the important message of protecting our environments for our many generations to come, plus the fauna and flora living within our biospheres.

Tickets available through SISTIC.

Event Information

Pinocchio : A Whale of A Tale!

Start date: 7/4/18 0:00
End date: 15/4/18 23:59

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