Pikataro And Pikachu Electrify With A New Song “Pika to Piko”

Pikataro And Pikachu Electrify With A New Song “Pika to Piko”
Image: Pikataro YouTube
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Still remember Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen? Well, Pikataro is back and this time he has collaborated with none other than Pikachu with a new track “Pika to Piko”.

Pikataro and Pikachu are both known for being dressed up in yellow, albeit the former’s taste is more “animal print”. Together, they came up with the song which premiered at the end of the Pokemon Virtual Festival that was held in August.

Pikataro X Pikachu Collaboration

Pikataro X Pikachu Collaboration
Image: Pikataro YouTube

In the “Pika to Piko” video, Pikataro and Pikachu stand next to each other on a set reminiscent of PPAP – in other words, all white.

Pikataro And Pikachu Electrify With A New Song Pika to Piko
Image: Pikataro YouTube

They magically take on characteristics of each other. Pikataro grows a set of yellow Pikachu ears while the Pokemon gets a pair of Pikataro’s tinted gold-rimmed glasses.

Pika to Piko

The song features Pikachu singing a line first and Pikataro helping to translate it to understandable English.

Fans will know that all Pikachu says is variations of “Pika, Pika” and “Pikachu”. Therefore, Pikataro seems to do a commendable job translating Pikachu’s song lyrics to English.

What comes out is slight strange to say the least. Here is a bit of Pikataro’s interpretation:

“Without you”
“In the future”
“Take out”
“Pick up! Please!”
“Keep distance”
“Look at me!”
“Look at me! Look at me!”
“Papa! Get out!”

Say what?

Perhaps the highlight of the Pika to Piko song collaboration is when they dance. The two of them look pretty in sync and in step with each other.

Pika to Piko Song
Image: Pikataro YouTube

However, Pikataro does end up getting shocked by the electric-type Pokemon. That’s probably what happens when Pikachu gets too excited and can no longer control himself.


Watch the Pikataro And Pikachu song collaboration Pika to Piko below.

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