Phua Chu Kang Is Back To Remind “Singapore Be Steady” In A New Video

Phua Chu Kang Is Back To Remind “Singapore Be Steady” In A New Video
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Singapore’s favourite contractor, Phua Chu Kang, is back with a new public service message video, “Singapore Be Steady”.

Singapore Be Steady

The new video, released on 22 March 2020, is Phua Chu Kang’s second COVID-19 video. The earlier one featured the character, played by Gurmit Singh, speaking about the dos and don’ts of how to behave during this time.

Singapore Be Steady - Phua Chu Kang COVID-19 RapHowever, perhaps it is the shadow of the SAR-vivor Rap looming large on Phua Chu Kang because in this latest video, Singapore Be Steady, the “best in Singapore and JB” breaks out his rapping and singing persona. In fact, the video stars off with him saying, “You waiting for me is it?”

The new Phua Chu Kang video addresses some of the issues which have emerged with the COVID-19 situation.

These include the spread of mis-information. It urges viewers to “Check the source then share the news”.

Of course, the kiasu-ism of those who ended up stockpiling groceries at the supermarket (which turns out is a worldwide pheonomena, not just a Singaporean one) is also address. The man with the mole says, “Just buy what you need, don’t jam the queue” while standing on a pyramid of toilet paper.

It also reminds people to respect and appreciate the frontline healthcare workers.

The chorus of the song encourages, “Things different already but Singapore be STEADY”.

Check out the full video below.

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