Parent Review: Word Stacks App By PeopleFun

Parent Review: Word Stacks By PeopleFun
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This is a Parent Review of Word Stacks, a word game by People Fun. This review is written from the perspective to help parents understand what the game is about and whether to install it for their kids.

What is Word Stacks App Game About?

Word Stacks is a word-based game app that is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It is similar to the word search games that we are familiar with – the type where you have to circle the word with a pen.

In Word Stacks, the alphabet tiles are lined up on the screen and you have to use your finger to select them in order to identify the word. The words can be either vertical or horizontal, forwards and backwards.

Each puzzle is organised by themes such as “Has stripes” or “Ancient Greece”. This word association helps the player to try to identify the words in the puzzle.

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One interesting thing is that in Word Stacks, once you have found a word, it is cleared from the playing board and the remaining alphabet tiles fall down. This keeps the puzzle changing and makes it more interesting. Even though it sounds like an easy-to-play word search game, it is possible to get stuck if you fail to identify or find a word which you are looking for.

The game has 5,000 levels – so you can expect to play it for a long time.

Parents’ Review of Word Stacks

Parent Review of Word Stacks Game by PeopleFun

Word Stacks is an interesting game which both adults and kids can enjoy, especially if they like word puzzles. The words which can be found in the puzzles do not contain overtly obscene words. However, you come across words such as “ass” – which is after all a legitimate word.

Words which are not part of the predetermined list of words for each level still accumulate points. It is also possible to find out the definition of each word as a way of expanding one’s vocabulary.

The Word Stacks game does have in-app purchases as well as ads between levels. Take note that these ads are delivered by Google Ads. These ads may cover different topics, however, parents would want to take note that there have been reports sometimes lewd or suggestive ad get delivered instead. These ads can be removed for a one-time fee.

It is also possible to buy hints to help complete the levels. This is probably what parents should keep an eye on in order to make sure that kids don’t accidentally make purchases.

We would recommended Word Stacks for ages 10+.

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