Octoburst! 2017: When All Was Green

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Inspired by Shel Silverstein’s picture book “The Giving Tree”, When All Was Green is an award-winning puppetry play without words about mankind, nature and greed.

Taking place on a set made of old books and recycled bindings, the story tells of the changing relationship between a boy and a tree as he grows up.

In this non-verbal puppetry performance, The Key Theatre delivers a poignant reflection on nature’s generosity of spirit in spite of man’s greed. This inspires the audience to realise not just the loss of the green fields amidst grey concrete, but also a green bud of hope that can still be present between us and the world.

Date & Time
6 Oct 2017 : 5pm
7 Oct 2017 : 11am
8 Oct 2017 : 5pm

Esplanade Theatre Studio

45 min no intermission

Ticket Price: $25

Octoburst! 2017 – A Children’s Festival

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Event Information

Octoburst! 2017: When All Was Green

Start date: 6/10/17 0:00
End date: 8/10/17 23:59

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