NDP Show 2021: Highlights & Things To Know About The National Day Parade Show On 21 August

NDP Show 2021: Highlights & Things To Know About The National Day Parade & Show On 21 August
Image adapted from NDPeeps Facebook
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This year’s National Day celebrations are uprecedented. Following the Ceremonial Parade held on 9 August, the full National Day Parade will be held on 21 August 2021 with a NDP Show 2021 segment.

Watching the National Day Parade 2021 (NDP 2021) on 21 August

The NDP 2021 Parade and Show is set to start at 6.05 pm this Saturday, 21 August 2021. Catch it on local free-to-air broadcasters as well as on the NDPeeps YouTube channel and social media platform.

The NDP 2021 Show segment will be hosted by Joakim Gomez, Eswari Gunasagar, Fauzie Laily, and Patricia Mok. It will be held in addition to the Parade and Ceremony segment.

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This year’s NDP Show will have fewer performers than in pre-pandemic years. It will involve about 600 performers at the Float, a 70% reduction from the last time the NDP was held at the Float in 2018.

To allow for adequate social distancing at the Float, performers were distributed across the Float and four satellite sites – National University of Singapore Field, Jewel Changi Airport, ActiveSG Yio Chu Kang Stadium and Marina Barrage. The performances at the satellites locations were pre-recorded to reduce physical contact among the performers.

Do also take that there will be area closures around Marina Bay for the National Day Parade 2021 from 11 am to 11.59 pm on 21 August 2021.

Here’s a quick look at highlights and what to expect during the NDP 2021 Show.

NDP 2021 Show Highlights

The Singapore Spirit

The NDP 2021 show will centre around the theme of the Singapore Spirt. It will focus on enduring aspects of the Singapore Spirit, illustrated through stories of Singaporeans from the past and present.

A Story told through Four Acts

How to Watch the National Day Parade 2021 (NDP 2021) onWatching the National Day Parade 2021 (NDP 2021) on 21 August 21 August
Image adapted from NDPeeps Facebook

The Show segment is made up of four Acts. Viewers will be introduced to six characters from the past and present, and their aspirations for the future. Viewers will be taken on a journey through the challenges and setbacks that they face and how they confronted the obstacles they face.

Inclusion of Locally Produced Animated Films

Animation has featured heavily in this year’s National Day song video. This will also be the case at the NDP 2021 Show. For the first time, the show will feature fully animated film. These films will also help to connect the various acts of the show and also recall historical moments and familiar local scenes.

Special AR Effects for Viewers at Home

With the current COVID-19 situation, the NDP Show 2021 has been designed to be enjoyed by Singaporeans viewing it at home. For the first time, there will be augmented reality (AR) effects integrated into the NDP 2021 Show, which will be exclusively for the home audience to enhance their experience.

Showcase of Local Talents and 3 Original NDP Songs!

During the NDP 2021, Singaporeans will get to watch the NDP 2021 theme song, The Road Ahead, performed by singers Linying, Sezairi Sezali, Shabir Tabare Alam and Shye-Anne Brown.

In addition, two other original NDP songs – “Breathing City” by Sezairi Sezali and “Spirits Anew” by Aisyah Aziz – will be performed during the show.

Other performers at the NDP 2021 Show include Inch Chua, Alemay Fernandez,
The Freshman (Carrie Yeo and Chen Diya), Benjamin Kheng, Nick Zavior and Yung Raja.

Enjoying the National Day Parade 2021 on 21 August 2021

Let’s all enjoy the National Day Parade 2021 safely and together as one people this Saturday, 21 August 2021 at 6.05 pm!

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