Mozart 36: Concerts for Children by TTK Grand Series @ The Artground

Mozart 36: Concerts for Children by TTK Grand Series @ The Artground
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The Mozart 36 by Tang Tee Khoon Grand Series is returning to The Artground with their specially designed Concerts for Children. Mozart 36 follows his journey as a young composer from age 8 with the first of his Sonatas for piano and violin to the last in 1788, when he was living at the centre of the Viennese musical world as the city’s finest keyboard player and a hugely successful composer.

For young ones who are just starting out, join internationally acclaimed Italian pianist Luca Buratto, Singaporean solo violinist Tang Tee Khoon and TTK Grand Series’ fun engaging animateur Cheryl Kjm, on an interactive journey through the descriptive musical world of Mozart on 2, 3 Nov at The Artground.

‘Mozart: A Gondola Ride under the Stars’ for ages 0-2 : Move with your babies within an enchanted immersive scene under the twinkling night sky, through a bubbling brook and on an imaginary swaying gondola.  Bond with your babies through movement and the music of Mozart.

‘Mozart: Rawr !! What Animals can we find in a Musical Circus?’ for ages 2-4: Discover iconic animals through listening imaginatively to Mozart’s characterful music.  Together with hand gestures and fun pictorial activities, children will explore the connection between musical personalities and characteristics of animals they are all too familiar with.

‘Mozart: Board the Ferris Wheel and Look into the Distance’ for ages 4-6: Design your own ferris wheel cart and exercise your imagination!  As you get up to the top, what can you see in the distance?  Children will use this time, inspired by the language of Mozart’s music, to discover their creative writing skills and allow their world of visual imagination to come alive.

‘Mozart: A Night at the Masquerade Ball’ for ages 6-12: Enter an imaginary world of characters guided by the music of Mozart.  Who are the three characters you meet at the Masquerade ball?  Create your own mask and write a back story for one of these characters, then end the ‘evening’ with a dance at the ball, as your masked character, along with the music of Mozart!


Event Information

Mozart 36: Concerts for Children by TTK Grand Series @ The Artground

Start date: 2/11/19 0:00
End date: 3/11/19 23:59

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