Little Day Outing to Yue Hwa: Dongzhi Family Experience

Little Day Outing to Yue Hwa: Dongzhi Family Experience
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Dongzhi, or Winter Solstice, Festival is a meaningful celebration of hope during the depths of winter as families look forward to the warmer, brighter days of Spring.

Immerse yourself in this spirit of family togetherness at Little Day Outing to Yue Hwa: Dongzhi Family Experience, where you’ll bond through a Chinese calligraphy and craft workshop, and a fun tangyuan-making game that tests your teamwork as a family.

Learn how to write the words that represent family togetherness – 团圆 – in Chinese calligraphy. And with a few creative touches, turn your writing into a mixed media masterpiece that can be brought home to be proudly displayed! One calligraphy brush and magic calligraphy water practice paper will be presented to every family, courtesy of Yue Hwa.

Take teamwork to the next level in the tangyuan-making competition. Each family will select one person to be the tangyuan chef, who will be blindfolded while the rest of the family help by giving verbal instructions! The family with the most number of tangyuan that pass inspection will win a $50 voucher from Yue Hwa!

This special outing is held at Yue Hwa Chinatown, the emporium of Chinese wonders that’s conveniently located near Chinatown MRT station. Join in for an unforgettable family experience!

Little Day Outing to Yue Hwa: Dongzhi Family Experience

Dates: 9 December 2017, Saturday, 4 pm to 6 pm; 10 December 2017, Sunday, 4 pm to 6 pm
Venue: Yue Hwa Chinatown
Price: $20 for a family ticket (admits a maximum of 4 persons); $5 for an additional child or adult ticket

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Event Information

Little Day Outing to Yue Hwa: Dongzhi Family Experience

Start date: 9/12/17 16:00
End date: 10/12/17 18:00

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