Lazy Garden Café: Toddler-Friendly Restaurant at City Square Mall

Lazy Garden Café: Toddler-Friendly Restaurant at City Square Mall
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[Update 2021: This restaurant is no longer located at City Square Mall.]

The Lazy Garden Café is a toddler-friendly restaurant at City Square Mall that I chanced upon which has a decent children’s play area within.

My husband and I were hungry, but had to take into consideration a toddler who wasn’t quite ready for a nap, and neither hungry nor in the mood to sit at the table.

Lazy Garden RestaurantWhen we caught sight of the play area at the Lazy Garden Café, we made a beeline for the restaurant and requested to sit right by it. My daughter did not need any prompting; she quickly and comfortably familiarised herself with the restaurant’s teeny play area as we sat down to order some grub.

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Credit: The Lazy Garden Cafe
Credit: The Lazy Garden Cafe

Let’s talk food first because you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a “1-for-1” promotion on all mains at the Lazy Garden Café. This promotion is available all day, every day, even on public holidays! Mind-blowing.

The only catch is that each diner has to order a drink for the promotion to apply. Still, what fantastic value! I was very pleased to let my husband know that I’d be there every week when my daughter’s at City Square Mall for ballet class.

Halal-certified, the food was great and in abundance! I shared a fish and chips with my daughter, whilst my husband had an all-day breakfast platter that he almost couldn’t finish.

With a menu of over 40 options, it’s safe to say you’ll find something to your liking at The Lazy Garden Café.

Lazy Garden Café Play Area - Kid-friendly RestaurantLocated well within the restaurant, the children’s play area is no more than two metres by two metres, so expect some elbow-flying and shoulder-bumping on a busy day. There’s a play kitchen, a mini slide, a rocking horse, and even some books – lots of good clean fun packed in to one small area!

My daughter enjoyed herself thoroughly even when the play area got a little crowded. I had to remind her not to play on the mini slide though when things got busy as I didn’t want her kicking another child!

Lazy Garden Cafe at City Square MallIf you live in the vicinity or are shopping at City Square Mall, definitely keep The Lazy Garden Café in mind when you and a fellow parent are in need of some downtime and have to keep the children entertained too!

The Lazy Garden Café

Where: 180 Kitchener Road, #02-37/38 City Square Mall, Singapore 208539

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