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Kaesac Adventure Camps 2019

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Adventure Camps, designed for kids to simply have some fun during the school holidays – free from the overly-structured,
overly-scheduled routines of home and school.

Life at camp gives kids much-needed free time to learn and play – where kids can relax, laugh and learn at the same time.

Exciting themes to choose from this year include:

1)    The Great Dinosaur Adventure
It’s a fun week full of prehistoric activities!  In this Great Dinosaur Adventure week, you will be introduced to scientific rock classification and the rock cycle, make your own dinosaur eggs, imprint your own dinosaur fossils, go on a dinosaur eggs hunt and the climax of Great Dinosaur Adventure camp is to build a Walking Dinosaur to take home!

2)    Go Wild!
With Go Wild!, life science comes alive with a roar as you leap into the amazing world of living thing.  Each day, you will investigate a new area in biology which includes investigating flowers, embark on a Mini-Beast Safari, play Turtle Hurdles game, go on a Scavenger Hunt and to top it all, build your very own Bug House!

3)    Gizmo’s Robot Factory
Gizmo worked really hard in designing a new fun and exciting robot for his robot factory – Katzilla, just for you!  In this camp, you’ll learn how to build your own Katzilla from scratch and discover how magnets are important in electric motors. You will also learn more about robotics as you find out how robots move and how they maneuver.  Then, pump up your
adrenaline and physics IQ, take part in a race to complete all the activities in Robot Relay Race!

4)    Robotics & Video Game Designing
Why Robotics?   Playing with robotics actually allows us to develop skills in observation, reasoning, prediction, critical thinking and problem-solving.  In our robotics camps, you will learn how to program using simple graphical language.  You will be introduced to robotics components and concepts, establishes the building blocks to design, build and program robotics projects.

If you prefer playing games on your handphones or computers, join our cool Video Games Designing camp and learn how to create your very own complete games in just 4 days!

Little Day Out Readers Special

As a Little Day Out reader, you get to enjoy $20 off all workshops. Quote “LDOSPECIAL“. This offer is not valid with other offers.

Call 6478 1228 or visit this web page to sign up now!

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Event Information

Kaesac Adventure Camps 2019

Start date: 18/11/19 9:30
End date: 17/12/19 15:30