Hansel & Gretel by Players Theatre

Hansel & Gretel by Players Theatre
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Let Players Theatre and Players Workshop take you by the hand and lead you down the deep forest path in this production of Hansel & Gretel – a tale of wit and wonder, tempting delights and twisted shadows. This deliciously dark, delightfully enchanting re-telling of the Grimm Brothers classic is sure to draw you in with its yummy visuals and enticing storyline.

Lost and alone in the eerie forest, Hansel and Gretel want to find their way home. But their trail of breadcrumbs is nowhere to be found, and nothing is as it seems. The children learn that they can’t judge a candy by its wrapper when they discover the sweetest of houses hiding the wickedest of witches. Hansel & Gretel have to work together to escape the sticky sweet grasp of the witch. 

Tickets available through SISTIC.


Event Information

Hansel & Gretel by Players Theatre

Start date: 20/8/16 0:00
End date: 4/9/16 23:59

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