Gardening With Edibles: Get A Seed Pack To Start Your Home Garden

Gardening With Edibles by NParks
Image: NParks
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Start your own edible garden at home with National Parks Board’s (NParks) new Gardening with Edibles programme.

This new initiative is in line with NParks’ City in Nature vision and intended to introduce the joys of gardening to more Singaporeans while strengthening social resilience and self-reliance. It also provides consumers with a better appreciation of the value of food and a meaningful activity for families to bond over.

Get Free Seeds

To kick off the Gardening with Edibles programme, free seed packets will be distributed to households who are interested in home gardening.

Local households can register their interest online to receive a seed packet from 18 June to 30 June 2020.

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Gardening With Edibles: Grow Your Own Vegetables

Grow Your Own Vegetables - Gardening with Edibles
Image: NParks

The starter package will include seeds for two kinds of vegetables, one leafy and one fruited.

Possible leafy vegetable seeds which households may receive include Chinese Spinach (Bayam), Chinese Flowering Cabbage (Cai Xin), Chinese Kale (Kailan), Kang Kong and Xiao Bai Cai.

Available fruited vegetable seeds include Brinjal, Cucumber, Lady’s Finger, Long Bean and Tomato.

Each household will receive only seeds for one leafy vegetable and one fruited vegetable. Seed packets are available while stocks last.

NParks Gardening with Edibles
Image: NParks

These vegetables were selected based on their ubiquity in local cuisine and fast-growing traits. Each species of vegetables takes between four to eight weeks to grow.

Those who have successfully registered for the seed packets will receive them via mail by 1 August 2020.

Those without internet devices can also call the NParks helpline at 64991099 to register for the seeds. They will receive their seeds at a later date.

Home Gardening Resources

The seed packets will be accompanied by step-by-step information sheets with instructions on how to grow the vegetables. The information sheets are available in all four official languages.

These information sheets are also available online. They can be referred to by those who are interested in starting a home garden, even if they did not get seeds from NParks.

Additional video resources on starting a home garden are available on the NParks YouTube page. These resources include “how-tos” for both beginners and advanced gardeners, along with a Garden to Kitchen series.

The founding partners for the Gardening with Edibles programme are DBS Bank and Tote Board through the Garden City Fund.

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